CR-10 E3D V6/Volcano Hotend Mount and EZABL Carriage (Updated 8/29/2017)

by kevinrocksman Aug 24, 2017
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Any idea about screws & nuts sizes needed?
Thanks in advance


Thank you for sharing your design. Just printed all parts for CR-10.

Here is my report and Issues encountered.with cura v15.04.6:

1) Latchv4 not fitted for volcano. Groove would be enlarged a bit (tolerance).. Printed as shown with brim enabled.
2) Cooler (with support enabled), Adjuster and Fan1 printed sucessfully with 180° rotated in horizontal axis with brim; otherwise printing failed.

Will post photos shortly.

hm, i know the latch was a bit tight for me but it worked its way in and is snug for me. Maybe a bit different due to the printer or filament used. As for orientation I should probably put that they need rotated, the way it lays it out on here is not how they should be printed.

I love this design! thanks a lot. Just wondering, does this print all together or is it something that needs to be printed in pieces and built? Also, what size part cooling fan is this built for? Thanks again!

Yes I uploaded a photo of how to layout all the pieces

It prints in separate pieces. Uses a 40mm cooling fan, I have yet to print the fan housing but for right now I am using the default e3d fan (check photos).

Let me know how it goes

Hey, I'm having an issue printing your latch for this model. The part is solid when I import the STL, but when I move to slicing the inner part of the circle is separate from the outer part of the circle. Using S3D. And I've tried merging connecting lines and reorientation etc. How did you get yours to print?

I'm being told cura 2.7 works flawlessly.

I use cuts along with octopi t and it prints nicely. The main piece I turn on its back and it prints with the inner circles being the highest point if the print. The latch I print with the circle facing down and the part where the screws go in facing up.

Also someone just printed this with all parts together. I will take a screenshot of how he printed it and upload it

Yea that's how I oriented it, with the circle facing down. I wish I could attach a pic here to show you. But maybe I'll just shoot for it and hope it prints right. If your on FaceBook look up the CR10 group and you'll see my post asking the group.

Send me a pic at themodder4528@gmail.com

I just tried uploading in a different slicer, Ideamaker, and it's working on there! Thanks for all the help and support. Hopefully will be showing off your design very soon

Sweet. Great to hear. I do know it is a pretty tight fit but I didn't want the hotend moving around

Sweet. Great to hear. I do know it is a pretty tight fit but I didn't want the hotend moving around

Ok, will post pics once I'm done. I was a little worried about the stock v6 cooling fan being so small but I'm sure E3D knows what's best. I will be using their stock fan as well.

Does this keep the nozzle at stock height? And what fan duct do you use with this? Doesn't look like a fang would fit.

It "should be stock height but until someone tests or I get my printer finished I won't know. As for the fan duct I am working on a setup. It most likely will be like the gang and will buy onto the hotend fans duct

Ah OK. I use ABL anyways, so stock height isn't important to me, and I never print max height anyways,so losing a few mm is no issue. Was just wondering for when I pass stuff on to other people.

I would love to test this but I can't print anything for a few weeks. It looks really awesome.

The problem with the fang is I don't think it will fit between the ABL mount and the shroud. I could be wrong, but if you still haven't tested by the time I can print again, I'll print it up and let you know.

I've tested it a couple times now. Had to adjust a few settings due to the e3d hotend being to tight when coupled together but it's getting there. Thjis should be finalized in the next week