Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Remixed Vending Machine

by MakerBobDesigns Feb 14, 2014
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For some reason, when sliced in S3D, it creates a solid wall behind the bottom chute and puts supports on top. I know you said that it should print with no supports but I don't see those long overhangs going well without supports. If I slice it in Cura, there's no wall behind the chute. Not sure what's going on there. Quadruple checked my S3D settings and can'd find anything that would cause it to build a wall there. It's thick enough that it's even putting in infill. What am I missing. Hoping not to have to physically modify this body after printing. May just stop the print now and go with the Cura slice.

Is there a short Flap file for the short body? This one seems to only fit the standard size body.

The one I have pictured is the short body. It may hang off a little bit, but I think it is fine.

Ok I read you gave someone some recommendations on how to get the print time down on the body. Slic3r just informed me it would take 43 hours, at .2 height, 8% infill. Can you share your slic3r g-code, or offer me tips on how to set mine up to get that time down to a more realistic print time? 43 hours, I'm afraid everything on my printer would break hahaha

Is there a tutorial on how to build???

Most of the items that you had a problem with in the video are addressed in the updated parts in this remix. (No support is necessary, front arrows are cleaner, coin flap easier, and clips are easy to install.)
You should also post this video to the original Vend thing. I think people will appreciate it.

what changes i have to make to Euro Currency

You could make people give you the Euro Currency in exchange for a 3D Printed quarter which they put in the machine.

The 50 €-Cent coin should almost fit in, maybe you still have to change the size of some parts. I did not print it yet. Or print some Quarters ;-)


50 €-Cent:
Diameter/Durchmesser: 24,25 mm
Thickness/Dicke: 2,38 mm

US Quarter:
Diameter/Durchmesser: 24,26 mm
Thickness/Dicke: 1,75 mm


Customizable Coin (Chip)
by mckoss

I think you may have a hard time getting all the governments to agree to change Euro Currency to fit this 3D print. ;-)

I really don't have any idea the dimensions of any other currency. I suspect that if you used a coin that is close to the size of a US quarter, but slightly smaller, the mechanics inside the front could be altered to work.

What is the size? :)
Forget it I already saw...

What size jar does this use? Thanks

Any size mason jar with a standard mouth.

As much as I love this print, I have found that the Coin Lock Pins do not work on the shortened body since the smaller drum is not round at both ends. Can anyone comment about this? Would it be possible to make drums with round ends to hold the pins in?

I realize this is a minor gripe, but I simply want this Thing to generate enough money so I don't have to work anymore. Kudos to Mr. MegaTronic and everyone else who has worked on this great design!

I am not sure what you mean. I printed the shorter body, and everything fits nicely.

are there instructions on how to put this together

Absolutely love this design I started printing to use as a demo with my school we are knew to 3d printing, unfortunately we only have small cube 3 machines so when I came to print the body was too big, I was excited to find your smaller version link in these comments but is is still a couple of centimetres too long for my print bed.

I did think about trying to scale it and reprinting but then coins would not work. If you ever make a smaller version or reduce the body size again let me know.

You could scale it and leave the clips in to make it coin free.

what filament is most successful?

I did mine in pla and it came out great. PETG would also print well due to its low warp. Both materials sand well if you intend to "finish" the print. Check out makergeeks.com for some awesome PETG filament at a good price. I almost exclusively print with their PETG filament now, it's wonderful!

Hi ,a bit of a noob question is the main body printed with the back flat on the build plate,many thanks


All files should be oriented so that they print without any need to rotate. They all print without supports as well!

Is there any way to print this so it's a "Free Vend" machine, not requiring quarters?

There are clips to each side if the quarter slot, 4 total. These control the locking function of the machine. Eliminate them and it turns freely. Hope this helps! The part name is newlocks.

I am almost done printing all of the pieces for this, still looking for assembly instructions.

se on printing the jar? i am pretty new to this, but i see some do a great job on clear materials and others not so much...

It looks like you printed some of the parts in two colors (e.g. arrows in red). Did you do that with dual extruders? Any advice or tutorials on how to do that? I don't think RepG does it automagically, so did you hand-edit the Gcode?

I have printed some things with dual extruders, but not this. Since the arrows are recessed, it is very easy to paint them and wipe off any excess. You could just swap the filament during that layer, either partway to get just the arrows, or for the entire layer or 2. This would leave you with a colored ring around the face indent and the perimeter, which may not look bad at all.

How do u put it together? Please send a diagram or something soon!

Don't the m&m's tend to get stuck so that they don't get to the drum? Or will they just fall down into the drum EVERY time?

so i printed the new small body twice on makerware and at 70% complete an inch from the top they both shifted about 3mm at same exact place..its not sloppy in fact its smoothly beveled as if it were designed that way but when i look at others its not like that. it did this to both prints at the same level. any help?i could try another slicer?

If this is happening to you at nearly the same point and shifting in the X direction, you may have a broken x axis cable. That is what prompted me to make my cable track: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:195010

Replicator Dual X Axis Cable Chain With Support Track

so if my z axis is broken it will still print? cause both prints printed perfect except for the 3mm shift at the same spot. they were so close i can still use them, they just arnt perfect. . if so ill def look into it and protect the cables. but i thought if the cable was busted it wouldnt have printed nearly as good. im gunna take pic and post the makes will u give them a look when i do?

The effect of a newly broken cable is intermittent. It will get worse, and ruin more prints unless you get it replaced.

Hi everyone i printed the new small body but the back hatch is too big !! any advice ? please

Oops, I didn't include the back from the shorter remix found here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:48743
That one fits the short fixed version I posted.

VEND (With shorter body and smaller drums)

I printed the VEND machine with no problems but the main body was not right. I don't thing that my printer would not print your file
because it was to big. I like your changes so i will just keep trying to print it.


I am using a XYZPrinting Da Vinci 1.0 3D printer. When I load the New Body on my printer it does not give me an option to print.

Can you help me? I have printed the new coinface.stl with no problems.

I don't have that printer, but it says it can print 7.8 inches in any direction. The New Body part is 8.25 inches tall. Laying down, this is in the X direction. It probably won't let you print it because it is too big.
I am uploading a shorter fixed version, derived from a shorter derivative of the original: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:48743

VEND (With shorter body and smaller drums)

How big is the opening to the drum? I would like to dispense 1 inch gumballs preferably 1 at a time. Thank you

Sorry I didn't reply earlier.
The drum is only 7/8" deep, so it won't work with gumballs that large.

everytime i print the flap it breaks very easily at the top. is there anyway to thicken the top so it doesnt break. I love the design with the quarters in the flap!

Try out the revised flaps I just added. I thickened the hinge and they seem to be way more durable. I included a plain version for those people who just want a regular amount of awesome!

Without rescaling, what's the build volume required? Not sure I can do this on my Printrbot LC.

The body is the largest part: 209mm x 142.73mm x 127.74mm XYZ dimensions. There is a smaller version of the original, but it has the same bridge problems.

hey i had trouble with the drum breaking in half when i was trying to remove it from the build plate so if there is any advice you could give me that would fantastic! cool design by the way!

I print on heated glass, and just let it cool off. The parts pop themselves free.

Wow! Thing #250,000!! There ought to be a prize for that!

This thing accepts quarters, and it is one quarter of a million!