FLSUN Cube E3D v6 Hotend and Parts Cooling

by JamesK1 Aug 25, 2017
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Hi, I have printed everything but when I assembled it the tube for the parts cooler hits the rod and doesn´t allow the carriage to hit the Y endstop, and paying more attention I realised that the part cooler in your print are different that the one I printed, so I assume that the uploader changed the file, so is there any chance that you have the original file arround somewere so I can print it? Thanks in advance!

Sorry.. Not sure what you mean by it hitting the rods. Also, this was a temporary solution I made until I converted it into a hypercube evo so I don't have any other files.

Hello, I'm printing your radiator blow detail and it doesn't dress properly. There is an offset of 2 mm to the right relative to the radiator. Tell me what to do? The printer is the same as yours.

Sorry.. I'm not sure what you mean by the radiator. The parts should fit fine as long as your xyz axis are calibrated. You could try shrinking the parts in the slicer but that could cause other parts not to fit correctly. good luck.

I mean that the guide walls of the blowing of the thermal barrier in my case are not aligned with the ledge on the acrylic Board. When you put part of the airflow on the radiator of the thermal barrier, the detail does not dress on the ledge on the acrylic Board. Maybe I have a factory-modified design. Thanks anyway, I'll look for another option.

Hello, It`is possible to share a *.ipt file from the duct?

can you make a version with the default hotend?
the v6 is too short to put the cooler on the printer.

Qusestion, do you use the default acrylic part? I tried to fit an m18 sensor and it doesn't fit with the default acrylic part. How you fit the bl touch?

Yes I am using the stock acrylic hotend mount with the v6 and the barrel sensor in the photos is 18mm. I don't have a bl touch mount but if you look at the thread below from andjan1964, he points out the thingy where he took the bl touch mount from.

Yes, i got a BL touch working, i used the bl touch holder from this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1449705

James this was awesome !!!!! Works so good :-) PICTURE IN "MADE"


V-Slot Mini Gantry Extruder Mount

dunno as I don't have one.

Will this fit a BL touch sensor?