Living Hinge Phone Stand

by perchik Aug 25, 2017
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I needed to rephrase my comment. when I download the file sometime I get a DXF sometime a SVG. I'm new to this so when I open SVG it is a bitmap and the lines are then to light in color to trace. I guess I could try and trace each line myself lol.

You're doing something wrong here. Laser cutters use vector graphics to cut, bitmaps to engrave. What laser do you have and what software do you use to send jobs to the laser? Svg is a pretty standard open format for vector graphics.

If you really need a bitmap, download Inkscape and open the download it inkscape, then you can just change the thicknesses of the lines and export to png.

When I download the file it offers a SVG, when I try to covert the bitmap after opening with X6 it does not trace the lines well and as a result i am unable to get complete lines. Some SVG files do covert well from a bitmap in X6 given that the lines are darker and easier for the program to trace. Thats the best that I can figure.

I'm unfamiliar with X6, but when I try to open an SVG in corelDraw, sometimes it doesn't work either. We've found that exporting the svg to pdf (using inkscape) and them importing the pdf into Corel seems to consistenly work.

After converting the file ( I used convertcloud ) and then following your instructions i was successful and look forward to creating this little piece thank you very much! This will be most helpful in the future.

Comments deleted.

I rephrased my original comment and questions. I have tried several different ways to upload to X6 but have been unsuccessful