Rotring Mechanical Pencil Case

by Pepster Aug 25, 2017
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Hey sir, I love the design for this case. I hope you might be able upload the CAD files too as I wish to extend the case outwards to allow for a larger magnet. Cheers!

Thank you for your suggestion. A 1.75mm hole would be almost half the diameter of the hinge leaf. I think that might make it quite weak and prone to failure. You could simply drill out the existing hole if you have the correct size bit and try it if you like. Please let me know if you try that modification. I'd be interested to know how it works.

I have a suggestion, why not use 1.75mm hole for the hinge so you can just cut pieces of 3d printing filament instead?

Just what i was looking for, The paper box has finally given up.
Thank you.

I had worried about the same thing and was planning on placing a small piece of dense foam rubber in the end of the case to protect the tip. When I did a test fit of the pencil, I was pleased to find that the fit was so snug that movement of the pencil in the case was unlikely. I like your suggestion however so I think I will add a small bulkhead with clearance around the tip that would prevent any forward movement of the pencil within the case if it were dropped. Would you mind if I called it the "fuyumine modification"?

Congratulations on getting an excellent drafting pencil! I've had the privilege of testing one and only wish I could splurge that much for a mechanical pencil. The case is an interesting idea but how do you protect the thin tip? I also have a drafting pencil and that is a concern that prevents me from taking it out often. I tried to make something akin to a pen cap with the exact dimensions and a large tolerance around the tip. The printer was poorly calibrated so all the dimensions were off. Perhaps your next iteration can include something like a seat that prevents the tip from contacting the walls or even including some cushioning at the tip end?

May I recommend the Rotring Rapid Pro if you feel the other models are too expensive.