Miniature Bowling Game

by Jonathan_K1906 Aug 27, 2017
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I love the design, but the pins are too close together. It seems impossible to get anything but a strike. I think I may print it again about 10-15% larger. Have you run into the same problem?

Yeah, I know what you are talking about. In that case, the track would need to be wider so the pins can be spaced out more. I dont plan on doing that anyways.

joining posts snap too easily. The alley itself should be a single piece that snaps into the two halves. And what are the disks for?

If the bowling alley was in one piece it may not fit on most build plates. The disk are to show where each bowling pin should be positioned. If it snaps too easily for you try to increase the infill% to make it stronger. Another option is to use smaller layer heights so the joining posts will join together easier.

No amount of infill or layer height is going to save those posts. The alley itself is 8 inches by 2 inches. That's plenty printable. The rest of the assembly can be in two parts, but cutting the alley in half renders it useless. Joining posts should be replaced with tongue and groove.

I'm talking about the two disks labelled "dual color pin stripes".

The dual color pin stripes are an option if your printer can do multiple colors at once. You can add the red stripes to the pin to make it more realistic. If not, just print the ordinary pin.