Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

OTTO with Wheels

by s4snow Aug 27, 2017
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My daughter and I are trying to build your wheeled version of Otto. Which brand/model of Nano + shield did you use? I have two or three, but they don't leave enough room for the LED array. Also, do you have a schematic that shows the pinouts for the LED array? We got the parts printed today - turned out nice.


Hi Keith
I Have used a couple different boards with this design, it is designed to be used with the Nano I/O expansion shield,

It fits inside the head, make sure you fit the Ultrasonic sensor PCB first
Then the Nano I/O expansion shield (secure with small screws if needed, but it is a tight fit)
With the LED matrix, I soldered the LED directly to the Matrix driver PCB, i did not use the plug-in sockets as this just made the LED matrix bigger than is needed, before soldering it in place check which way the LED is to be fitted as it will work both ways but one way is the inverse of the other, i did this by holding it in place and seeing what was displayed.

LED matrix - NANO
CLK - pin 11
CS - pin 10
DIN - pin 12

Good luck and please share once finished

Hi! I began printing this robot. Nice project, but I need some modifications (I had some issues fitting the servo, did some adjustments post-printing). I also want to move the "castor" under the body if possible.

Can you please share the design files? It can be on tinkercad or however is convenient for you. Thanks!

The Autocad 123D file has been added, please share your remix once you have had a chance to make the changes you need.


I will post the files that I have over the weekend

Finally someone did! great job Jason good that the files in Autodesk 123D where useful for you, It looks very smooth and the ultrasound avoiding code works great!

Thanks for your files, I will clean up my Autodesk 123d files and release them for others to use ☺️

Is a pity the they discontinued the software 123D took me a lot to design Otto there, now i am thinking to do stuff with thinkerCAD but there is no control is way too simple not the same ;(

Yes tinker cad is nowhere near as good.
I have autodesk 123d installed and updated on all my computers and will carry on using it until I get something better, hopefully something as good will come along soon and for free.

yeah too simple, they also have Autodesk Fusion now will use is more parametric so a lot control for precise changes