Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Anet AP8 v2 Printable 2040 V Slot Solid Extrusion w/connectors (8mm hole)

by chipg07 Aug 28, 2017
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I'm so happy that I still have not ordered the aluminum profiles! Thank you for this great thing!
Here are some print results:
https://www.thingiverse.com/make:641917 - 12864 LCD case-BD Homemaker
https://www.thingiverse.com/make:615278 - Bunting Banner (birthday, plants)
https://www.thingiverse.com/make:612918 - Velocity Stack and Fan Guard for 40mm Fan (round)
https://www.thingiverse.com/make:612340 - SD card tool
https://www.thingiverse.com/make:611163 - Anet A8 Power Supply Cover with Power Meter

12864 LCD case-BD Homemaker
by zeroTM
Bunting Banner (birthday, plants)
by zeroTM
Velocity Stack and Fan Guard for 40mm Fan (round)
by zeroTM
SD card tool
by zeroTM
Anet A8 Power Supply Cover with Power Meter
by zeroTM

seriously AWESOME work here.

This is an awesome design! I was planning on building a printer based of a re-purposed server rack shelf, but decided this would provide a smaller profile and more accurate right-angles. I've found that printing the parts on my CTC i3 Pro B (eBay special) is horrible, but printing on my MK2S is terrific. There is some slight sizing issues on the 440mm Z axis with the coupling but a little nail-file and it’s all sorted.

Question, how do you permanently join these sections together? Are there V-slot braces we can use to join them, or do you glue? I know I can use an 8mm threaded rod, but there is not much space for a nut at the bottom of the design.

Lastly on the AM8 build document it has us threading the two round holes in the extruded aluminum on the Z axis. I see you’ve got the T-junction for that joint, but do we just drill and thread into the printed Z-axis?

Any help would be appreciated. Also I did some googling on the joining subject, I’m torn between glue (super glue or something) or using a 3D pen to “weld” the pieces, unless there is a proscribed method. Really I actually just want to try to do it like you’ve already done successfully.

Printing the parts in Prusament PLA.


Thanks for this fantastic design! I've been thinking for a long time to do the AM8 but the aluminum and all the other parts are about $100 CAN and the price is basically half another printer.

Now with this I can basically print the whole frame, I can go with ABS or PETG, which is not expensive. My questions is, on the original AM8 the aluminum extrusion was 313mm, 340 and 440 mm long, I see that these one are lot shorter, how that will work, the printing area will be reduced?

I look forward to your answer.

I think I found the answer, I see there are some sort of prongs on the extrusion profiles and I imagine is to interconnect them and make them a much longer piece, clever.

Dumb question here maybe, but is this PLA or ABS?

You appear to be missing the Z stop and the pieces to attach the 12864 holder to the frame.

Hey mate!

You should put the info about the quantity of filament needed directly in the description because everytime someone talks about your design people freak out thinking it will use 2 spools of filament.

If you read the description, it says where to go for help/questions about it... I'm very active in the group and answer questions daily..
It takes about 1kg for the frame itself and another half a kg for the rest of the parts....

You can buy the Aluminium extrusions for about 30€ with angles so where is the Point in building this??? 1kg good Filament is atleast 20€. Wow, 10€ saved and it's not even as rigid...Price difference is so small it doesn't even make sense to waste the time printing it.

Seems there always has to be a smarty pants that wants to knock someones time and effort in designing something.. The point is THAT HE/WE/ME CAN DO IT IF WE WANT..... That is what 3d printing is, it is a disruptive technology so we can create and do anything we want with it.. It does not need to please you and if you have an issue with this then YOU do NOT BELONG in THE 3D PRINTING COMMUNITY....
By the way I stay in South Africa the cheapest roll of CCTREE PLA is R200.00 ZAR(RANDS) and the aluminium extrusions for a project like this would cost me about R600.00 easily.. so excuse me if I would want to waste my time printing this... ALSO btw its our money our time our printers so why would you care so much just sit down and STFU!!!!!!!!!

If you'd like to see examples of the print quality.. These were all printed at 100mm/s... https://photos.app.goo.gl/MmhyY5PmDPc5fKQk7

Here... The aluminum extrusions cost $50usd and a kg of filament is $6-8usd...

Great job man, can you share the CAD files or o .STEP file please?

Will this work for and be sturdier than wanhao i3 v2 frame?
Since it needs to be braced already but this would be more fun.
Also good practise before making a hypercube :)

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are the holes of any use in the 4 hole connectors? just started printing this and they do fit so im currently editing them just wanted to know if i can take them out. judging by pictures they are just friction fit

how well does this hold up to wear and tear?


Can i use this frame with my anet a6, since the a6 and a8 are quite similar? Or is it only for the a8


How would I go about using this to convert my Hictop i3? it's got a larger heat bed than the A8?

I've printer the AM8 parts out, are they the same for the AP8? Can I just print the extrusions and other connectors?

Is it possible to add a .step file assembly to your files. I don't have fusion 360 and am unable to convert it. Rino or solidworks or spaceclaim would also be ok. How is it going with the corexy? I want to print one but have been hesitant due to the tension forces.

Ive printed the extrusion on two seperate printers and it comes out small, the 4 hole connectors come out the correct size. was something changed? Yes both my printers are calibrated, the 4 hole connectors came out right and my other prints are all measurement accurate. And to clarify small I’m talking the V grooves, t nuts and drop in nuts do not fit correctly, the extrusion size itself is correct. I got 2040 extrusion dimensions and drew it up on 123D, it printed correctly and the nuts fit so I think your V groove dimensions are off.

This is a great idea! I'm glad to see all the hard work you did. I will be upgrading my a8 with this. Do you think its possible to increase the build height with this? I'd love to be able to get up to 400mm or 500mm. From what I've seen on the Cr-10s5, they use the same stepper motor so theoretically it should be possible?

I say give it a try, if the quality isn't good when the extruder is higher up then you would just lower the top part and use it as a standard size printer instead.

Hey, This is awesome! What is the strength of the extrusion though? How much does it deflect when pushed or under tension? Did you reinforce it with anything in the center hole?

They're very strong... I made the holes down the center big enough for 5/16" (8mm) rods, but only used them in the two z axis sections....

I included some of the prints from it, so you can see the quality I'm getting from it... They were all printed at 0.32mm layer height from a 0.4mm nozzle at 100mm/s

wow what a awesome frame! i would love to try this but i'd like to make one much bigger like 600mm x 600mm x 600mm build area. so you say those are 8mm holes in the v slot framing? if so i could put in some threaded rods for more support if i make it so big right. im saying if i use pla i really don't even need a heated bed! huge printer on the cheap im stoked! thanks for posting im inspired a bit more now. :)

I've designed some 3030 extrusion and I'm building a corexy at the moment with a build volume of 400x400x400mm.... I've finished 4 600mm lengths so far...
I've included a picture of 3 of them....

CoreXY certainly is interesting - as is the idea of printing the entire frame of a printer. In particular you might want to look at the Fabtotum version of CoreXY - keeps the belts from crossing.

What screws do you use for the 4 hole connectors?

How many grams of fillament did that take to make

The frame takes 1kg and the parts for it take another 0.5kg..... Total cost of the frame was $13 including electricity cost.....

think i read it takes approximately 1.5kg for everything here.

I love the idea of this but is it actually usable? And even if it's usable, is the print quality better than the stock frame with braces installed?

interestedbutskeptical :D

Wow, really great job, thank you for the pictures! This could be a very fun project...

No problem, and it is very rewarding...

Is there a more detailed list of how many of each part do we need to print?

Hi! Can you upload the 2040 parts in a single piece for each one instead of 2 or 3 pieces at the same time? I was thinking in trying to print this but was thinking in making the printing area a little larger. For example in the Z axis instead of printing 3 pieces if i add 1 more i can increase the build volume . Thanks!

Hi, Congratz on all the work you put in this project. My god, the fusion file is fantastic. Could you convert the 2040 part to a 2020 part too ? I am thinking about making a small printer with a bed of 15x15.

This is for Anet A6?

nice but i think the whole printer should remain light e.g no power supply on the frame no board no extruder

to avoid vibration and possible bending due to heat and weight

i will try a mix of both ,aluminium , pal , abs

I was going to say that we should dub this is AP8, but darnd it you beat me to it!
I'm totally going to make one of these when I get calibrated to a degree I am satisfied with

And? Already printed them? I would like to know the results

Actually still waiting for my printer to arrive hahahah
I'll keep you posted once I've got it set up and have printed these!
Does anyone have an estimate for how much filament this would require?

according to chip on FB he used right around 1kg of filament

Wow, that's hardcore
Might want to attempt this once I get my second mosfet installed

Yep... Plus another half a kg for the other parts...

haha okay, nice!. I think i'm going to print it wit abs. I have an Anet A8 so im going to test it. Il also will show the result of it!

Awesome... Thanks

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Can you make a single of the m5 corner and four hole connector.

Done...they're added to the .zip now... I thought I should do that the other day.... Sorry

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What size should the pins and holes be when this is printed? My pins turned out to be 4mm while the holes are 3mm

Just file out the holes a little bit.... If your printed didn't print them correctly...

They are the same size, or should be, if your printer is calibrated correctly.....
I know they're exactly the same size because i used 4 boxes of the exact same size to make them... I just turned two into cutouts and left the other 2 solid on the top...

What is really weird is I printed some of these yesterday and they didn't fit. Printed some more today and they are DAMN close where as previously they were pretty far off. No idea what happened.

Love to see your results, do you mind posting your prints in the "made" section of this thing?

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I wrote this before our FB conversation.