Universal Ultimaker 2(+) Spool Holder

by threxis Aug 17, 2018
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Love the design, threxis! :-)

I was hoping you could help me with a couple of clarifications:

If I understand correctly, I need to print 2 units of the 'tappered ring' part (right?) and insert them into the ends of the 'threaded barrel' part. But what's the correct orientation for these rings? (smaller diameter toward the barrel or other way around)?

Also, the diameter of the inner opening of these rings is about 15mm but the diameter of the metal threaded rod that's supposed to go through them is much smaller (8mm) - could you please explain this?

Many thanks & all the best,

  1. for orientation - you can see the correct orientation in 3rd photo. bigger diameter towards the bearing. Theoretically there is no need for this part but it is made so support structure can be eliminated during the printing of barrel

  2. for diameter - it is just preventing the bearing going inside the barrel. so it is not taking any kind of load. Insert it makes sure that bearing remains at the end of barrel.

Thanks, threxis!

Nice Remix. Mine is kinda sagging at the T-Nut Part. Do I only have the problem ? Is there a fix? Otherwise I try do print a T-Pice with a bigger Z hight.

It depends on the gap where the t nut is inserted. Mine is not sagging.

Wow nice solution for the limitations you mentioned. And thx for taking the time to share it with all of us. I'm supper happy you also re-released the Solidworks files. I really hate is when people use my solidworks files and then not make them available.



thanks for appreciation.