Customizable Project Box With Lid Screws

by cudatox Aug 29, 2017
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Never used scad before, but this is a good starter.

I reduced the side walls to 1mm, but then the lid will not sit flat onto the body. It's beyond me to see how to correct the program.

Any ideas please?

extra lid thickness e.g. 5mm leads to buggy lid without holes

Just what I was looking for however if you change the wall thickness and make it different than 2mm then 3 of the screw posts are out of position. If the wall thickness is less than 2mm the posts come through the outside, if greater than 3mm the posts have a gap on the interior. As long as you leave the wall at 2mm the posts are at the correct place. I have messed with the source to fix it but don't completely understand the logic. I can get what I need by hard coding values in place of the thickness variable in the following lines in the main_box() module.

translate([inside_width - thickness, od/2+thickness, 0])
        box_screw(screw_dia, od, inside_height);

translate([inside_width - thickness, inside_length - thickness, 0])
        box_screw(screw_dia, od, inside_height);

translate([od/2 + thickness, inside_length - thickness, 0])
        box_screw(screw_dia, od, inside_height);

If I change the thickness, the screw mounts in the box portion aren't in the corners on three sides. The lib portion is fine, only the box is wrong.

Does this still work with Customizer? I do not see the option to customize with customizer only another app which wants access to my account and to post on my behalf :(

I sized the box to the size I need but want to use smaller screws (M2) not (M3) but when I try to adjust the screw holes the inside screw post move away from the box walls. Any tip would be great.

I have a question with how to fill it with print

I scaled this in the customizer to 100x50x25 and the holes in the lid don't match up -- they are about 2mm closer in on each side. It appears that the box holes are positioned according to the inside of the box and the lid holes are positioned according to the lip, but it didn't take into account the thickness of the lip.
Otherwise printed great!

Thanks for the feedback! You are correct, the holes in the lid didn't take into account the width of the lip. I've updated the design and the holes in the lid should align now.

I need a box just like this but don't know how to scale it. The size I need is 5.5"w x 5.5"l x 3"d. When I try to scale it in matter, screw holes become elongated. Any suggestions? Thanks!

It's designed to be customized! If you open it in Customizer, you can adjust the variables to suit your needs. The variables are in millimeters, so you'll want:

  • Inside width = 138
  • Inside length = 138
  • Inside height = 76.2

Hi - This is exactly what I need to mount my front door intercom and hide all the cables. It's the very first thing I will print (just started a 3D printing course) will post a photo once it's printed.
Many thanks for posting/sharing!