RCServo extruder - 96 grams direct drive

by fkirita Sep 4, 2017
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For now I have suspended development with Attiny85. I developed a new 3d printer, and I was 100% busy.
In a few days I will edit a instructable with the new open source product LightBlue 3D.

This is fantastic! How's the progress coming along on the ATtiny85 version?

Another 10 days of printing with my RCServo extruder. I have printed at least 8 hours/day, every day and all worked well. The longest single printed parts took about 6 hours. So for now is it fine. All printing was done at 60 mm/sec, with PLA and PETG.

Hello. The servo is brushed. I have an magnetical encoder with 1024 position( AS5040 encoder hall sensor). Also i have build a new driver based on arduino. All details are in Thing Details. Thank you.

I had although thought about servo motors as the only alternative to really make a very light, yet powerful extruder. Not being sure about its ability to provide a well metered flow without a proper feedback system (using an optical encoder for ex.). I put this project on the side.
Do you have some demo ? This servo uses a regular brushed DC motor ? What kind of encoder ? How do you interface with the printer controller, did you emulate a stepper ?