Super Nintendo SNES Controller Case for Raspberry Pi Zero Retropie

by Sigismond0 Aug 31, 2017
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Any idea if this is compatible with super famicom controller?

Should be. I haven't tested directly, but to the best of my knowledge, SFC controllers use the same molds and electronics as SNES controllers.

Hi, I have printed this from your design
Great work by the way
Under the cc licence etc etc
If I was to print some off again and sell on, I will follow the licence and attribution you have set and make sure you are presented as the designer with full links to your bio/page and licence etc etc.

Great work by the way
Please comment back if you have anything else you would like adding to a bio if I did make a copy at any time and sell on.


Thank you for this case! I had a problem while slicing with CURA 3.1.0. As soon as I set the layer height to 0.2 the first layer was some how cut in half (see attachment)...
I had to set the layer height to 0.15 or 0.3. This way the model got sliced as it should. Don't know what can cause such a problem.

Interesting. Didn't have this issue in Slic3r. Did you try using the "rotate until flat" feature in Cura? It looks like it just thinks the model is ever so slightly tilted, and that would probably fix it.

You are absolutely right! "Lay flat" solved this issue! Thank you :)

Awesome. Ive been waiting for a SNES version to come out. I did make a NES version and while it is cool to play with, I wanted a SNES version for the extra buttons and such. I even went out and bought a broken SNES controller (broken connector that goes into the console) as to make sure I dont ruin any working retro parts.

Ill give this a print and see how it goes!

Hey there! This is an awesome design! I put one together and found i have to file down the interior of the case surrounding the left and right shoulder pads. Is there any way you could release a revision that has thinner interior walls around that area? Thanks again. Ill post my picture in the make area soon!

I'm using a knockoff controller as well and it almost fits perfectly except for the shoulder buttons being a wee bit pinched once everything is anpled together. Looking at your pictures, what exactly did you file down? Made a little progress today with one button but I'm not sure exactly what's causing it. Once I figure out exactly what needs to be tweaked I'll do a upload and print again.

In your make, can you post some pictures showing specifically what you're having to file down?

Do you see the pics craing105 posted? Can you edit this part?

I did see the pictures, but decided I don't want to put files like that up. They'd be files made intentionally out of spec to make them work on printers that aren't calibrated well, and I have no way of testing or guaranteeing they'd work on craing105's printer--let alone yours or anyone elses that happens to print slightly differently.

If you want the files to have different tolerances, I have included the STEP files and a link to the Onshape design. You're more than welcome to make those changes yourself!

Hey i posted my make. Not sure if al of my pictures uploaded though. Thanks!

This helped me along the way. It came with my cell phone and I popped the case off.

I bought a 5-pack of these on Amazon for $5 - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B015GZOHKW/

I am currently building one however i am using an after market SNES controller. I have had good luck with the Cirka brand. However i read you that you need to switch the red wire and the yellow wire. so you switched the Data from 7 to 19 and the Clock from 19 to 7. is this correct?

No, data and clock stay in the same place. The colors of the data/clock wires are just swapped between the NES and SNES OEM controllers.

okay that's what i thought however i have an original raspberry pi zero's so i'm thinking it might be my board. thanks for your help. Also great project!

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You beat me to it. Nice work! :) Very clever strategy for mounting the RasPi without interfering with the shoulder button fulcra. Still, significantly different from the design approach I've taken, so I may as well continue working on it...

Clever though it may be, it does make for a pretty fat controller. I look forward to seeing other designs!

Are you planning to make the source files available for this design? I'd like to tweak a few fillets and chamfers, before I print it.

Certainly! There's a STEP file in the files section, and the Onshape document is available here: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/817ace5e970a533aa02290ce/w/5630553a52d56dffd79f72ab/e/6cbf69909a646860d10f036b