Willys MB 1/10 drivetrain

by MazeMieter Aug 31, 2017
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can you please redesign for an 380 motor

I'll update with a brushless A2212 1000kv when it's done, but no 380 dc motor.

Any demostration video?

No, it was so slow that I didn't do anything with it. I ordered a 12V 1000rpm motor and expect it in 20..50 days, and if the weather is fine I'll make a video with it. And with my new design (a A2212 900kv brushless motor, which seems to be too fast).

Can i use plastic/nylon bolts and nuts, becaus only that i can buy in normal price in Poland?

I'd say yes. Having a total weight of max. 0.4kg incl. a large battery and body it should be fine with nylon screws.
It's very slow and forces are not very high.

For me it was too slow, and I'm building a faster one. It's much more scale, and only tyres and rear axle are compatible, everything else is new (and incompatible with Ossums Jeep). It's still a work in progress, I'll take at least 4 weeks to finish the files (incl. body). Pictures are at
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2461559 but no STL yet.

I got my M2 screws from aliexpress in packs of 50 or 100 - prices are ok. Shipping time is between 10 and 60 days - it's like a lottery.

Willys MB - unsorted stuff

Thank for reply. I think aboat use only motor without gear it will be faster

I'm not sure if a motor without gearbox is

  • strong enough to drive it
  • slow enought not to race/jumpstart

Maybe https://www.pololu.com/product/3036 would do, with 6000 rpm at 12V. I had a cheap aliexpress n20 with 100 rpm when I tried.

Can we spoke by Facebook or e-mail? I have more questions.

Yes, I just sent you a message with my email.

Propably you're right.

What bearings are you using, or are they printed ??
I am struggling to find a decent drivetrain to print and this looks perfect
Please and thank you

You didn't read the description, did you?
It is MR84.
I'm reworking everything for a Willys MB 1/10 (body, frame, etc.) and will add a stronger motor then. The NC20 is really slow and weak, and as such at least the gearbox will change.

I didnt read far enough down, i just need somerhing to get it running, i did see you were beefing it up, looking forward to that, if you need someone to test it give me a shout

Actually you could start printing the tyres (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2520597), they came out quite well with my soft PLA (TPU), and it would be interesting to get feedback. I won't change them, unless there's a very good reason - I printed already 5 (4 plus spare) .Removing the support from the bottom of the tyres takes some time (Take your time, don't cut your fingers or damage your tyre too much - and printing a new one takes hours). I will most likely change the rims, to make them compatible with cheap 1/24 4WD cars (SUBOTECH BG1510A, BG1510B, BG1510C, GP Rider5, FSTgo BG1510B and other clones) for two reasons: It would be a cheap donor car, and the rims are locked with screws (not glue as in my design), it's a clever design. For the Willys MB rims the screws will be hidden behind the axle hub caps.

I always print my things first before uploading them here - but if you see something on the pictures you want to print early just drop a note. A few pictures added to my work in progress:
Frame and suspension:
The suspension brackets are included in the frame, and the frame itself is U-shaped. For printing I'll split the frame in a front and rear part and prolong one part with two slightly smaller u-shapes as connection (to be glued into the other part).

The body has a grille, front and rear part.

Next steps: A locking mechanism between frame and body, which will involve changes on the body and the frame. It shall be completely invisible from the top, as I don't want to have any visible screws in the body. Then I'll find a motor to add, a 540 with gearbox won't fit. Maybe 380 or even smaller. Then I'll split the frame for printing, because only then I know where the gearbox will be fixed (hopefully also providing additional strength to the frame). And then there's also some interior like seats, steering wheel etc. to do - while printing the other parts.

Willys MB 1/10 rims and tyres

I am just finishing the rear axle, i am hunting for tyres and rims so will give these a shot and let you know how they go
I will give the extras a try, im mostly making this for a bigger than normal project so i am open to mod anything

Thank you