Arduino Uno R3 Case

by J-Max Sep 1, 2017
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It's very good, to be perfect for me, I would have to have half a millimeter thicker, to be a bit more resistant the area of screws when a robot is fixed

I really love the industrial look of this case! If i can make some suggestions for improvement, the bottom and top could easily be twice the thickness so it doesn't flex as much. As it is now, the screw holes for wall mounting the case are easy to snap off since they are only .4 mm thick or so.

And if the cooling hole in the top lid was a grid instead of bars it would be a lot stronger too!

On my first attempt at printing this I accidentally printed the lid upside down, usually I spot it and flip the part but this one looked correct in the preview window :P

Hi ! Thanks for your feedback. This case was designed to provide a good case and a fast printing. That's the reason of the thickness and the one way grid, This is not meant to be a heavy duty case. Maybe a second version for heavy duty purpose would suit better your needs. I will work on it as soon as possible. Thanks.

Ugh.. why your name in it lol.. It's a turn off.

Welcome ! You are the first hater on this comment section. Congratulations !
Don't look at your underwear, there's probably a name on it.

Not hating at all actually. It's a great design.. Just why would you want people to be printing out your name lol. If you did a blank as well.. 100% would print the blank. My underwear has a name on it.. As it's a known brand.. Globally. I suppose you have to start somewhere.

To be totally honest MrGadgey, I don't understand why the name is a problem for you. That kind of comments deserve to be despised by the way. It's your right to don't be OK with that, and to turn back from an interesting design for a tinny detail. Hundreds of people are not that sensible, hopefully.

If you are able to see beyond, the name engages me and guarantee a trusty print. Just like a brand guarantees a standard.

I publish only usable designs and I document the pieces as much as possible, with a how to video as necessary. I make remixes only if it brings interesting improvements, and the remixes are left to the original designer to be published on the father object's page. If I start a new thing over someone else idea, I always credit him. I follow my publications and take care about constructive comments and requests. This is open source, this is free for people and this is time consuming for me. I do kindly my best and if it's not good enough for you, you've got to live with that...

Kindly yours.

I think J-Max has a right to do what ever He want. So if He designed it why not add His mark on it ?
I really like the design. Will definitely print it out for my Arduino WITH HIS NAME on it! ;)
Great stuff J-Max.
Thank you

Thanks Rob, as my name is hidden inside the box and under the board, it's no big deal, except if you want to hang it uncovered on a wall or wipe away the designer to make people believe you did it.