40mm, 30mm, 60mm, & 80mm Fan Compressor Turbines

by Br4ndosaurus Sep 1, 2017
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Where is the 60mm version?

Any chance you can post a source file?

Hello! I also would want 120mm files for my computer fans, for testing... can you make it? it is 120x120mm and about 104mm mounting holes, center to center, thx a lot! :)

I've been really busy and I'm in the middle of a few projects! I will work on it when I have a chance

Any possibility of getting source files or a 120MM "high compression" version?

What is your application? If you get me diameters and bolt hole spacing, I can make one at some point. The high compression ones have been less than effective even in restricted setups. One of the standard ones would probably suit you best.

would be posible to make a 50 mm fan version?

If you can get me measurements of bolt hole spacing and overall width of the square.

will this reduce the noise of the fan?

Think you could make up a 60mm version?

50mm hole spacing, 60x60 frame, ID of the housing is about 57mm

Getting a lot of "blow back" due to pressure in the duct. A plastic cup with the bottom cut off works a bit, but not exactly pretty.

I can do that, it probably won't be soon though. I'll reply when it's done.

No problem, printer is tied up for the next day or two anyway. Thanks.

Sorry that took forever, finally finished up a 60mm high compression version for a .4mm nozzle.

Thanks! Totally forgot about this. Should help better than my red SOLO cup haha.

Lol, I certainly hope so. If I need to make you a high velocity version instead, let me know.

whether there is an advantage of fan boost for blower?

I'm trying to understand your question better. Are you asking if there is any advantage or what the advantages of this would be? The regular "turbines" improve air velocity and the "high compression" versions improve pressure and airflow in situations where airflow is poor or restricted.

whether yes, there is any advantage to a turbo centrifugal fan blower?

p.s. sorry for my english

I really don't think these would help with that type of fan.

& Your english is just fine. I only speak one language and not particularly gracefully.

Is there an 80mm version of this? Thanks.

Not yet. There can be if you get me measurements. Namely bolt hole diameter and spacing.

Here are the spec dimensions for 80mm fan:
Fan: 80mm square by 25mm deep
Motor center hub: 36-38mm dia.
Mounting holes: 4.5mm dia.
Mounting hole spacing: 71.5mm center to center

Please let me know if you need any other info. Greatly appreciate if this can be done. Install an 80mm fan in my printer enclosure and not getting enough air volume being pushed out. If this works, it'll save me tons swapping it out for a 120mm fan and having to enlarge the hole in the 1/4 inch thick plexiglass. Again thanks.

I made three you can test out. If the airflow out of the box is poor and the fan is struggling, I would try the 11 blade high compression turbine first. The other fans are really meant to improve velocity more than compression. These will do almost nothing if your fan is pulling the air out, it will need to push it in.

Thanks. My 80mmvfan for the enclosure is pulling air in and diagonally opposite side there's an 80mm hole with grill exhausting the hot air out. Will try your new veraions and get back with results.

I hope it works!

Great, I'll get the specs out to you. However can I scale down this model in my slicer to get a correct fitment? Also, in your video the printed model has no cone in the center, the stl files do. Is there any advantage by having the cone?

The video was by someone else and my inspiration for making these. The cone just provides more aerodynamic and laminar airflow.

Can you make a 90mm version? please

If you can get me measurements, sure. Diameters and distance between the bolt holes.

Can you make a 30mm version?
thx =)

Thanks alot =)

Certainly! Let me know if I need to tweak anything.

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