18650 Powerbank Case Box DIY

by edwardchew Sep 2, 2017
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Hello, This looks amazing! I am excited to try a different charging box! I have made quite a few now and not been satisfied with any of them.

Question: Do you have to worry about charging them all off of the same PCB board? I know with others with the TP4056, you need 1 of those boards per battery otherwise you can charge the cells at different rate/voltages and start fires. Any thoughts?

Again thanks!

Hi bro. definitely no issue. just be sure they are well connected, ie soldered/spot welded correctly so all 4 cells get even charge/discharge. Have been using this powerbank for almost 2 years now with zero issue. lotsa good feedback from friends who borrowed from me that it charges very fast.
I have a rover with 18650 in paralled, charged by 1 TP4056. runs 24hrs. no issue

Great news! I am trying to make a solar powered boat and hoping to figure out a way to use this on it. Cheers

hahaha do share to me once it's done. Cheers

Are you able to make a version for 8 18650 batteries in the vertical position instead of 4 in the horizontal? I'm just trying to rebuild my old battery pack on with the board failed.

hmm not too hard but it will require testing and i'm packed with work now. Maybe can search for it on this site?

How can I get one printed and shipped?

look for 3dhubs.com in your area bro

Wowww. Thanks Gazza50

just wondering when charging does cell/cells not get hot as its not balance charging each cell?

Not hot. they should be self balance in parallel. big majority powerbank in the market are configured like this. Been using over a year. Still great performance

ok great
thanks for replying great case by the way have printed a couple off thanks for sharing :)

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this is exactly the thing i was searching for, thank s a lot for this pretty good work. if i just can make a comment, you should notify that the batteries are parallel connected to the circuit board.

Hi. Thank you so much for letting me know! Happy to know my design helped. Also updated that.