Prusa i3 MK2/MK2S y-axes lm8uu replace

by GMagician Sep 2, 2017
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Can you show them in use and explain the different profiles ?
So far, no show, nothing and it is true for 99% of the Igus imitation (5 minutes to design BTW) presented here !

My remix let them be mounted to a prusa without zip or U screw.
You can check original designer projects to know more info about benefit.

I don't have a printer yet, so none is in use.

Different profiles come from different designer, one si a Igus copy (remember that these are made with a special filament that release oil), others are done to minimize rod contact and autocenter with it

You didn't design, you drew something that looks like a linear bearing based on other's drawing who did the same. All this without making, testing, using.

Excuse me but what is your problem about that?

1) I only realized an "all in one" solution using others design and I clearly said that (since it's a remix of that)!
2) Guys who realized the original profiles tested them so I think mine will work as well.
3) I'm sorry I still not have a printer and I can't test them but, if you are able to read, I clearly said that this is a work in progress.
4) To make you happy, I'll change "inspired" with "copied" that maybe reassemble better what I've done

If you want to see an example of what's missing from your design, take a look at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2202854. The author paid special attention to the proper material layout, which is important for things under mechanical load. He clearly explained how to setup the printer to achieve the results and what errors to avoid.

The bushings you have remixed may look like a good idea but in the end the printed result may cause more problems than it solves. Don't forget that disassembling a printer to change the bearings is quite a delicate work. Various parts can be broken - physical components, wires, electronics. And imagine that someone would take your design, print it and in a week or two he would have to disassemble the printer again. Just because you haven't bothered to test it yourself.

Customizable Linear Bushing / Bearing - LM8UU, LM8LUU, LM12UU, LM12LUU, LM16UU, ... IGUS like

I took a look at the design you reported. Very interesting I had not seen it before.
As I told in other messages I only added Y supports to other designs and though that if they were working mine should work too.

I agree with you on all the line, I understand how frustrating is dismount and remount printer (with all break possibility), I'm still building my printer and only I know how many times I've done that.
I'll take time to reanalize design to understand if I can take same approach or give detailed informations how to avoid "faulty" or "weak" bearings.

Thank you

If you want an opinion of a mechanical engineering student, tinkerer and hobbiest, all of these should work fine, although the 4th one (bottom right) isn't the most efficiently designed, as recesses in bushings like this are normally used for packing in things like lithium grease, and the cutouts on it aren't connected to the main shaft channel, so it wouldn't lubricate. The second one (top right) is the most likely to break if you over-tightened them, but aside from that, if these are used in the way they are meant to be used, they should work fine.

You comment is really appreciated!

I'm not an engineer and I just "used" other people ideas to get an all-in-one solution to be used firstly by me.

I tried the second one and it gave me no good result, too friction.
Version 3 (bottom left) has been tested yesterday and it seems to work perfectly, it's just a little bit harder respect to original bearing (motor will use a part of they power just because of that but seems to to lose steps) but no match about noise.
Version 4 (bottom right), without taking care about lubrication, gives me the idea to be more elastic, it has less points of contact with rod (so less friction) but its torsion "wear" the rod and I hope it gives more stability and backlash control.
As soon as my printer will be able to print (long way) I'll test them.

Thank you