Another motorized Marble Machine #3

by egil Sep 29, 2017
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What size ball bearings do I need to buy?

9.5mm (3/8inch) steel ball bearings

Before I buy one of the motors, I want to find a power supply. They're hard to find. Do you have a source for an AC output supply?

That is actually a good point, now that all wall warts are transformer-less. One option is to find an old transformer wall-wart (you can tell by their weight) that is AC output, or easily can be repurposed for AC. Or you could buy a transformer, but then you would need to make a case for it. Or you can do as I did, just using mains voltage. The motors are available in 110V and 220V.

So I bought the motor from the link you posted, and ended up printing all 3 sized spirals, yet not one is big enough...

Depending on your printer, maybe you would have to enlarge the hole sligtly using an X-acto or a thin file. For me, it was a press fit.

Great design... I have a question for you.. Once the hole is drilled, is there any way to make this a manual machine again? I love the motorized option, but I think I would also like the ability to remove the motor and run this manually..

It is probably a one way operation, I'm afraid. I think the manual version might be a bit sloppy without the bearing in the bottom. So why not print two?