Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Dust sensor case (@airrohr)

by sumpfing Sep 4, 2017
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Do you have a frame for the updated NodeMcu V3.2 LoLin?
Your actual Frame doesn't fit.

can yoy share 3d model SDS011?

all parts are in the 123D file

How did you make it print the top part in 4 hours?
Even if I choose not to use supports and set 0% infill, S3D tells me 6-8 hours!
Btw: I think there's a design fault: The top / rounded part is totally filled in the STL!
This means: If you use infill, the print will take a lot longer just to fill up that part with plastic which is really not necessary and also you can't print without infill because the printer will try to print the inner "flat" part in thin air.
I'll try to fix that!

which s3d profile do you use? whats the printing speed? the walls have to be only perimeters...
the filled top part is because of waterproofness. so there are 2 top layers instead of one (the roundet wall is not very waterproof). infill of 10% should work.

I have my own profile!
Default Printing speed: 60mm/s
Outline Underspeed: 50%
Solid Infill Underspeed: 80%
Support Structure Underspeed: 80%
X/Y Axis Movement Speed: 100mm/s
Z Axis Movement Speed: 16.7mm/s

Would be great if you could tell me what to change!

I personally want to put it in the garage where it's not directly in the rain, so don't need it to be 100% waterproof!

Could you also provide the bottom plate, as i want to modifiy for BME280. Thanx :)

the .123dx file is all in one

have fun and upload your stuff :)

my gcode has only perimeters (2, and 1 line fill), printing takes about 4 hours on a (slow) hephestos. i use simplify3d for slicing (allows single extrusion fill on small gaps).

i uploaded a bottom plate for better ventilation and the 123d design file for modifying. have fun :)

greetz anne

Hi Anne,

thanks for your quick reply. I also use s3d but it produces 2 perimeters on inside + 2 on the outside and infill between at 0.2 layer.
Can you provide your settings?

Regards Peter

its a new feature in version 4.0
advanced - thin wall behavior. so it makes only a line infill like a perimeter line.


I set this to
Ext: Perimeters only
Int: Allow gap fill

I'm to sure how s3d is able to fill with a single extrusion

sorry, just checked my settings. i took both on "perimeters only" in this case.
so no infill for walls. should work... (tested with abs, 0.4 mm nozzle)

Ok, understand. s3d will adjust the printing width up to 200% (by default) to fill the gap with a single extrusion. Thanks for that hint :)

I'm just printing and top seems to need some optimization as it takes really long for printing. Less wallthinkness so that there are only perimeters and no filling for the upper part would be advantageous for printspeed.
Generally a design more like a stevenson screen would be usefull to keep case cold in summer.

Maybe you can provide the sketches so some modifications could be easily made?