Large Thomas the Tank Engine - Thomas & Friends

by agepbiz Sep 5, 2017
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What exact scale is this? I know you said G-Gauge/Gauge-1, so is it 1:32 or 1:22.5? I'm gonna be trying to scale this down to N Scale (1:160) and was hoping for some clarification before I started messing around with it.

This is a fantastic model, thank you!

Is there any chance you could split the body STL so the smoke box is a separate file to the rest of the boiler, please? I would like to print them with different colour filament (i.e. black and blue respectively). I know it wouldn't be perfect, but I think it would still look nice and would avoid me having to use my substandard modelling skills! Pretty much all your other parts are already split into the various colours - the base wouldn't be quite right but printing entirely in red should still look okay. Cheers :)

Done :)
split files are called:
I have not tested these files so please let me know how it goes

The split boiler and smokebox fit together just fine, thank you. I'm almost finished with my print, I'll post it as soon as I'm done. I'm printing in different colours to avoid as much post processing as possible!

Can I make another request, please? For a separate STL of just the surface of the coal, please? I was thinking a straight copy of what is currently in the coal bunker, just a thin skin that would print with supports, with around 0.2mm trimmed off each edge so it can be printed in black and simply fitted in straight on top of the coal surface profile that prints with the main body STL. What do you think?

Thanks again for a great STL.

You did and awesome job on this design!!
I'm building this for my daughter's birthday and have one question. Is the axle rod diameter the same 2mm as your S gauge version?

Thanks! Yes, the same 2mm rods

the detail you put into thomas is awesome.

Thanks! :)

you are great!
all this is amazing!

Thank you very much!