Multi-Color Pickle Rick (Rick and Morty)

by MosaicManufacturing Sep 5, 2017
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Could you split the eyebrow from the other white parts? His eyebrow is a different color.

You can probably do this from your slicer! What slicer are you using?

Cura: Right click > Split Objects into parts (https://forum.lulzbot.com/viewtopic.php?t=4188)
Simplify3D: Mesh > Separate Connected Surfaces (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1V-5aA03dQ)

Eventually it will be slic3r PE.

wont p[rint with palette. Says a layer is .09mm and palette can do less than .1

Hey bubbasan, it might be due to a First Layer Height % being too small. Please feel free to send your G-code and Slicer Factory file (if using Simplify3D) or slicer profiles to [email protected] and we'd be happy to help find the issue!

Yep. You guys are geniuses.

Happy to be of service—glad we found the issue!

sand sand sand....

Who are these knuckleheads? Don't they know anything about mechanical tolerances?

sand sand sand...

And the parts in the STL files are all over the place!

Very nice model, I only realized it was for a multicolor printer this afternoon.

would it be ok if i remixed this and combined it with the rat skeleton arms and legs?

i had problems with the teeth as well on account of my not-so-fancy-printer. i used tinkercad to combine the teeth, mouth, and tongue and printed in black. then painted the teeth and tongue. worked great.

Howd you do the teeths? they dont fit in mine. Same with the eyes, i scaled them down to 0.9.
But nice designe :D

Pickle Rick is the best episode. Hilarious.

One thing though, does this actually print standing up or laying down?

Such a great episode! It was printed with Rick laying on his back.