by thaug29 Sep 5, 2017
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I am starting to gather parts for this upgrade. Has anyone designed a cable chain that will work well with this C-Beam Y system?

This one looks like it may work.

Cable chain - best of best :-)
by SpyDrCZ

I have not seen one but I really don't recommend them because the cables could fray from over flexing.

i have finished the z and x...and i would say i love it
i have the parts for the z but i have to do some prints and then decide....i had some mgn12 rails and i was thinking lol
great job thaug29

Nice job, glad you like it. I think you mean the Y-Axis update. here is the latest version. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2596722

AMV8 All-Axis V-Guide
by thaug29

correct y axis......what i hate is the cable management ...trying different things but not there yet...maybe an external box

seems for this frame its the only solution....thanks again

Great design! Brings the noiselessness and precision of linear rails with an easy setup.

I have one question though: I'm assuming you first went the AM8 200X300 route and then came up with this. My question is, if I leave my AM8 extrusions for 200X200 as is, and use a 500m C beam, will that be enough? Or will I need to get longer Y extrusions too? My assumption is no, since the actual travel is along the C-beam and as long as the corner brackets do not hit the wheels in anyway, I should be okay?

Thanks again for sharing your work!

You can leave the 200x200 bed with the short Y Axis side extrusions. The C- Extrusion comes in 250mm or 500mm length. 250 is too short and the 500 will stick out the front and back unless you have a way to cut it. Just turn the front and back extrusion on their side and lay the C_extrusion on top of them. I also have the Z-Axis with the V-Guide for you to consider.

AMV8 All-Axis V-Guide
by thaug29

Ah! I missed mentioning an important detail. I’m changing up to a 200X300 bed too. So my c beam will be the same as this. It’s just the extrusions of Y that I want to leave alone and not have to change to longer ones. So looks like I don’t have to?

The advantage of your design is, it can be the same for 200X200 and 200X300. Easy to scale without having to change the original design of the AM8. That’s a great way to design any given day. Kudos!

I am indeed interesting in a wheeled Z system. I’ll take a look at yours. I have 660 mm extrusions on Z. So wheeled should be more reliable when it comes to taller printers- like what creality does. What are your observations on it’s benefis on Z so far?

Nope, you don't have to change the Y extrusion, you will just have more C extrusion sticking out the front and back.

That's what I figured. Thanks for confirming!

So I finally ended up receiving the parts for the full V-slot upgrade. Will start the dry-fitting soon. Can you share your Marlin config file here please? I'm mainly interested in the bed location and limits as well as the steps, accel. Thanks!

These are my files your files may be different.