Robot Arm MK2 Plus (Stepper Motor in Used)

by jackyltle Sep 6, 2017
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Can you modify the model to use NEMA 14 and NEMA 17?

Is there a bill of material available for the non printed parts e.g. needed screws?


What kind of stepper motor is used?

the base and arm motors are NEMA stepper. The clamp motor is a MG90 servo

Hi got it from youtube solidworks file thank you

Hi. Could i have the solid works files please. It awesome design. Thanks

Have created a sketchup 2017 file from the .STL files see link below. Modified the two stepper motor mount.


HI! What are the bearings size?

how much can it lift?

Can you post yours GRBL configuration? Steps/mm, acceleration etc

All the think i mentioned in youtube video.

Hi, great job ! Have you details pictures from de assembly ? (screws and joins) Thanks!

Hi Jackey.
Final I get all printed and get parts so I can finish. But ! the the gripper base stl file are missing to complete. Can you upload this stl please . :)

Seem it really missing, I will update by today.

Hi Gamba56,
I had the same Problem .... can`t find here the needed .stl for Gripper-Base. So I had started my search on thingiverse, and I found the matching .stl (I hope so :-)

There is an great Designer of Robot-Arms here, named "DaGHIZmo". And I am not shure, but it seems that he designed and developed the same upper parts - Different is that he use small servo-motors.
Maybe you interested to have a look at this Link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1454048 (Part-Numberis "14")

Best regards


Hi Alfred.

Thanks Alfred, Just what I need to finish.

Kind regards,

Hi Gorm,

it was a pleasure.

And in the meantime I found a new version. There is a 5th Servo-Motor added to circle the Gripper-Arm ..... And I will try it :-)
Here is the Link for you: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:356296

Best Regards

EEZYbotARM MK2 Rotating Claw Servo Mount
by Runkel

it's EBAmk2_009_trialinkfront.STL
Last updated: 09-06-17
380 1mb

Thank you jackyltle for sharing this interesting Project with us .... and for the many time you had invest in design and construction!

I saw this Robot Arm .... I want it .... and now I will starting with print the .stl-files

For the reason this is my first "Robot" and "Arduino"-Project I am shure I must come back to you with different questions while realize this Project. I am apologize in advance for using your time and experience.

Best regards

Hi guys , its will be nice if you post the print setup , and is it better to print with support or without ? thx

I want to make your robot arm design but missing the base stl file. Look forward to make when available :).

You can check it out now Base_Arm.stl

Thanks jack. I start printing now and I really like you'r robot arm design. look forward to try. :)

Cool, hoping that you can made one :)

Where do you get the screw for the arm?

you can easy get it from amazon or some online website (M4 or M3 screw)

now .. i am almost making it now..
all programs installed
stepper motor works well..
so. i have one question..
where can i move the servo motor??
bCNC program? or universalgcode sender??
i can't find it..

Yes, you have many way to control Robot.
1, by bCNC
2, by Universal gocode sender
3, you can make control sw by yourself if you know sw programing. Im planing to make one.

There're 2 files of Robot_Asm pls download small size one is what you needed.

The download file is not include the base stl ( 2 step mtor and main arm ) !
please help !