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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Handgun with magazine and bullets (Fully functional TOY!!!)

by CJay9209 Sep 7, 2017
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Hi, good job, but the "Projectile_Loader.stl" stops constantly. I printed it with PLA and PETG. I have now designed a reinforced, which is pointed forward.
Now it stops, but the cartridge is still hanging in front of the barrel.
Good job, thanks.

Hi, gute Arbeit, aber die "Projectile_Loader.stl" bricht laufend ab. Ich habe es mit PLA und PETG gedruckt. Ich habe mir jetzt ein verstärktes, was nach vorne spitz zugeht konstruiert.
Jetzt hält es, aber die Patrone bleibt immer noch vor dem Lauf hängen.
Trotzdem gute Arbeit, danke.

Hi, could you change the magazine to balls, gives more bums.

Hi, könntest Du das Magazin auf Kugeln umstellen, gibt mehr Bums.

Not working, I'm afraid. The ball is not pushed correctly into the barrel and the instructions for the magazine are missing. Too bad, a whole Sunday and some hours of printing in vain....

Leider nicht funktionstüchtig. Die Kugel wird nicht korrekt in den Lauf geschoben und bei der Anleitung fehlt die Instruktion für das Magazin. Schade, einen ganzen Sonntag und einige Stunden Drucken vergebens....

What kind of spring does it take?

wheres the pdf
people are talking about the pdf but where is it

Hey CJay, I loved this print, I will upload a video on my YouTube channel today... Oracle's Cave, it's more of a video showing all the parts in there place but also shooting aswell.
Hopefully youtube don't pull it down and you get some traffic your way, I will leave links and credit.
Much appreciated.

YouTube deleted my video about this model: "We have long prohibited content promoting the sale of firearms and in March, we announced updates to these policies."
just what the f

Appeal it if it isn't too late. They did that because of a terrorist attack having nothing to do with your content.

I get their goal but doesn't 'firearm' by definition require 'fire' as a propellent vs a spring?

rip sorry man

im making this gun today in purple and green for my 3rd ever 3d print, very cool.
is it ok to feature these on my youtube channel ?

Make sure to have a free speech attorney on retainer; check out the horror story above.

Sure go right head :D

Someone please make a guide for the rubber band or a video, the pdf is not helpful at all

Comments deleted.

does the bullet cartridge fly out of the gun?

What kind of range does it have?

You can find youtube videos of it firing, I have not gotten it to go more than maybe 2 meters

Could this in theory shoot real bullets if it was loaded? I don't want to print something that could get me in trouble.

If you did load real bullets in this, the gun would most likely explode in your hands from the pressure when you fired.

It's not even possible to do that...there's no method to strike the cap on a bullet. You could try and get a bullet to go off in this all day with zero results.

3d printing guns in most places is illegal due to the fact that it shoots unmarked and untraceable bullets do not modify to shoot real bullets!

Hello, what is the steel rod's diameter of the guidelines?

How many bullets can it hold?

Pls make more of these

How should I insert the rubber band? Assembly guide isn't very helpful.

Do you need any springs or rubberbands to make it work? Or do i only need the printed parts?

Comments deleted.

Hi I made it, fiddled around a while but finally in good working order. For the magazine you need to put in that t-shaped part and tilt it so it goes to the top, then put in two pins into the tiny holes so the piece rests on them. You can use a rubber band threaded thru the hole on the t-shaped part and have it anchored on both pins so that it pushes that part up to keep the bullets up. Or, my boyfriend bought a fat spring that we superglued in the magazine and we use that to push up that part, making sure it doesn't push the bullets up too hard - it worked best having the spring just long enough so that the first bullet is held up with not much tension on the spring. Anyway, took a lot of tinkering but figured it out, it was fun.

how can you assemble the magazine, the assembly guild is not clear

Any plans to spring load the slide? Maybe a rubber band somewhere to pull it back on it's own?

BTW, this thing is really slick. I had to do a bit of sanding and drilling out the holes to clean up some extrusion issues but once I got everything cleaned up it work really well. Great job!

How do you assembly the magazine?

Hey, how you assembly the magazine the instructions are not clear.
Thank you.


I'm trying to figure out how to assemble the magazine. How is the projectile follower attached. With a rubber band through the large hole in the follower and to pins in the magazine? Or a spring? It not clear in the assemble instructions of the magazine.

I ran a rubber band through the large hole then through pins on both front and back. Had to super glue the pins in place, works really well.

Figured that out myself, bit of a hassle to get the rubber band through the hole and around the pins, but it works. I need only a smaller band because the last bullet in the magazine falls out, not enough pressure from the rubber band. I'm planning to modify the follower on the bottom, make a flat area and use a compression spring that pushes it up, it's locked by the bottom cap of the magazine.

Can you update the instructions for the magazine? also nice build

Hello guys. I missing one file. right_Grip_Cover

im new to 3d printing what type of filament do I use pla or abs and what settings do I use on printer can some one please help me

I cut a nail in length. he had exactly 2mm

where do you get the 2mm blue and yellow rods

I too can't locate these parts -_-
I can only find 2mmx16.5 at the moment

I have other bullets (7x23mm) printed so that it works

does this one acually shoot bullets or is it fake. because i dont wanna print something that doesnt work, want something to show off to friends

If you try and use real bullets then you will lose some fingers if the bullet actually does fire

no real bullet, but you can shoot the bullet that you 3D print it

Sorry for my english
I am from Germany

The balls always get stuck between the pipe and Plunger_Rod
it does not work

Bei mir das gleiche, die Patrone bleibt hängen, alles andere funktioniert.

What balls? Do you mean the bullet? I've not had this issue with my own and the others that have been made don't seem to have this issue. Maybe if you upload a video of the problem I could help you troubleshoot your issue and if any adjustments to the files are needed I can get that done pretty quick.

Is there a Right Grip Cover?

yes, i dont see it as well

if you go to the myminifactory link, you can download just the right grip cover stl from there

Not sure why it's missing sorry guys. I'll update the downloads this evening!

could you put a link up for the metal pins ? I'm not sure where I could get the exact size that Is in the guide
could you also put up a link to the screws please.

You can use wood toothpicks cut offs as pins just fine (in fact i used them in my build)

Hmmm not sure of any specific place to be honest. Local hobby or model stores should be able to supply you with raw materials like the 2mm rod stock. I just used stainless steel rod that I cut to the required lengths.

As for the m3 screws they are also found at hobby stores that do rc stuff as they are a pretty common size. Just make sure they are countersunk heads.

FINALLY - Full assembly guide now uploaded for the gun. Magazine is undergoing a redesign and will be relesed with updated build instructions soon as well. Please note that the gun is now in V4 which has some significant updates to the frame, projectile loader and plunger that will need to be reprinted - sorry!

If you mean the assembly instructions they are included in the download :)

Updates on instructions...

any update on instructions?

yeah i noticed that there is no page 6 also... ....

Is there a page 6 of the build instructions?

Has anyone got the full biuld guild for this yet

Is this done and complete or not yet? Also, how do I watch your video of this in action?

Just uploaded the latest file versions just now. should be the completed gun. I updated the firing system to use a pivoting plunger design as it prevents the plunger from breaking during repeated firing. i have a personal test model built but I am currently printing the final version for video purposes. Build instructions will be updated with the new design soon.

trigger connectors wont load. Says empty stl.

very odd - try redownloading - just reuploaded

The assembly guide is missing page 6, the build instructions.

Hey and apologies. The guide is a bit unfinished as the design has been changing slightly. I've also has some flooding and other house stuff to deal with so I'm afraid this hit a bit of a back-burner in the last few days. Rest assured it'll be finished up but may take some time sorry!!!

Hi. Did you printed it? Can you post a video? Regards.

oh no, i printed all the parts and the assembly guide isn't helping

of course! :D:D:D

can you make a video? i wanna see :DDD

I'm finishing the V3 design build this evening which should have a slide return mechanism and some power upgrades in it. once printed and assembled I'll put something up :D

Just downloaded and prepared to print - when do you planning to post v3 update? May i wait a little? Thanks!

Just uploading the most recent version now. The assembly instructions will need to be finished as a few parts have changed and the entire power system altered to be a bit more powerful. was pretty weak before. Now a lot better as tested this morning.

Just uploading the most recent version now. The assembly instructions will need to be finished as a few parts have changed and the entire power system altered to be a bit more powerful. was pretty weak before. Now a lot better as tested this morning.

could you update the assembly tutorial pls?
thx for the work!

still waiting for the slide to get printed but I have V2 working. keep up the good work.

Why did you take pictures of your screen? Most CAD programs have a screenshot feature.

123d design doesn't - at least not that I can find - It was easy to take quick pics and it shows the general build. Like I said I'll be doing a better build guide once I've got some time but till then you're on your own for now I'm afraid. I wasn't really planning on posting this for a bit but some friends got kinda antsy after seeing the prototypes hehe

any plans to separate the parts into separate STL's?

All done and parts updated to the latest version

You can make a video ?

I'll be posting better instructions once i print a better looking copy - my test copy has some unflattering parts on it lol