41 Piece Spirograph

by Hercemer Feb 17, 2014
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Cool idea. Works most of the time. I found that the teeth were so small that it tended to skip when I used the holes near the edges of the gears, however. A larger tooth and thicker ring should help fix that issue.

Great stuff! Why do the outer rings have teeth on the outside?

This is a fantastic set! I'm printing one in four colors for a birthday present for a niece right now. It's incredibly high quality.

great work! spectacular!! i'm gonna print it immediately! THANK YOU

Thanks for the cool toy/memories!
I printed a set as a gift for my daughter, then printed http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:189264 as a personalized slide-top box to keep them in... 140x140x35 will fit the whole set, if you don't mind having to jigsaw puzzle them in, otherwise, maybe go up to 40mm tall to get some slack, and I set a 10mm radius on the corners. .

Customizable Round Box with Lid
by Arvin

Very nice, thorough set. Thank you for sharing. I am in the process of making 3 complete sets. It started as two, one for each of my granddaughters, but my wife saw it and she wants one too. I will post images when complete.

There is a free script I used to export from sketchup at http://www.guitar-list.com/download-software/convert-sketchup-skp-files-dxf-or-stlhttp://www.guitar-list.com/dow... - you need to import/export the dxf through something like corel to clean it up. Once I make this I'll create a derivation in my account.

Ok.. thanks anyway.. I'm not to familiar with Sketchup but thought one of the output file save formats was DXF.

The Pro version has an export to DXF version, but I am using the free version. It looks like there are some plugins for the free version as well.
I've attached the final SKP file, you can download Sketchup and play with the export plugins to find one that works for you.

Any chance of uploading DXF files for us poor laser cutter folks? Could drop all on in one file. My grandkids would love this. Thx

Thanks for the comment.
Unfortunately I do not have DXF versions of these. I only created the outlines as DXFs. The holes and recessed areas were done in Sketchup and I did not keep the original DXFs outlines.

If you have OpenSCAD, you can convert the STL files into 2D projections and save them as DXF. I used the following script:


for f in *.stl
    echo 'projection(cut=false)import("'"$f"'");' > "$s"
    openscad -o "$d" "$s"
    rm -f "$s"

This removes profile lines. If you want to keep them as an engraved layer, try dwalton's remix that has the gears as SVG and DXF.

I can easily upload the DXF versions as a remix if anyone wants them, but they take seconds to generate in OpenSCAD.

Laser Cut 41-piece Hypotrochoid Set
by dwalton

This is fabulous. Thanks for sharing. Will the gears integrate with existing spirograph rings?

Thanks! I'm didn't have a 'real' spirograph when I made this, so the gears are sized based off what worked well for me. I would guess my gear teeth are bigger and probably won't work very well.
I tried a set with smaller teeth but they slipped a lot so I went bigger.
Glad you like it!

Thank you so much for making these! One request: could you add an overhanging lip to the rings to prevent the gears popping up while in use? They tend to slip. But so fun to play with!

I wasn't able to come up with a good way to add the lip to the rings and do not think this is a feature I will be able to add right now. I'll keep this in mind if I'm ever re-designing or adding to the set, I hope you are still able to enjoy the spirograph.
Thanks for commenting!

Thanks for the reply, glad you like the SpiroGraph! I think that should be an easy addition, I'll take a crack at it this weekend and add the additional files if I all goes well.

These are just beautiful, and very complete! Thank you!

I had a delusion at some point that I would make a set of these, but yours is so awesome I totally don't feel the need any more ;)

What are the tabs for on some of the outer rings?

To get the larger rings to have the biggest inner diameter
as possible the rings ended up being a little thin.

The thinner rings tend to flex a little bit and are harder
to hold. The tabs help make the rings a
little more rigid and give you a place to hold on.

You can also place a little dab of “poster-putty” on the
tabs to hold the rings in place –


yay! more online lawyers that think they're cute. I bet you'd snitch on your mom if she made a Mickey Mouse cake.

I think you're reading more into his post than is there - both the patents he linked are expired.

Didn't Spirograph had all kinds of odd shaped jigs with it? I can recall shapes like a Banana, a Pill, Heart, Rules, and a Right angel! =) Don't get me wrong, I'm not in any way picking on this! I love it, Good job this is cool! Holy Crap! I'm old!

I remember the pill and straight edges that could be snapped together. I've never seen a heart but I think I'll make one and see what kind of designs it creates, great idea!

I kids or going to flip! They love arts and crafts! Thank you. This was always viewed as a girl toy by my friends as a kid, because I had all my G.I. Joes, and Star wars figures, but I still played with it! My sister always got so mad!

Wow! In your neighborhood this was considered a girls toy? Talk about ubermacho! (where did you grow up... in prison? (or Texas perhaps). jj Great toy for all sexes because after all... art just ain't for sissies! ;-) I am wondering if someone has posted an old spirograph pattern book online. It was always fun to try to recreate the more unusual patterns.

Wait, you think Texas = prison, Home of pink Cadillacs with Long Horn's horn attached to them?

Ha! Too many visits to Huntsville I guess Anyway, here is a link to the complete 1967 Spirograph instructions that I was talking about. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157629451454414/https://www.flickr.com/photos/...

I made this set for my wife but have been too busy “testing
it” to let her try it out yet… I had no
idea it would be this much fun :)

These are awesome! How did you generate them?

These bring back a lot of fond memories. Thanks!


I generated the gear teeth in InkScape (Circular Pitch:
12.0, Pressure angle: 25.0), and then used Sketchup to push/pull them and add
the holes.

My parents' coffee table still has spirograph patterns from when I pressed too hard on the paper as a kid - 40 years ago...

Thank you very much for your fast fix. I think there is an option to set inches as default in Repetier-Host, but Cura doesn´t have this option. The new files can be used in Cura also. My doughter will love it.

I used Netfabb to convert the STL’s from inches to mm and
re uploaded them.

The new files are numbered the same as the original files
and have “mm” appended to the name.

When I open the files in Cura the size is much to small. For example Ring7 is just 4.54x4.54x0.12mm. I think it should be 10 times bigger at least?

It looks like Cura only supports mm and I exported the
models in inches. I will confirm this
and re-export in mm, in the mean time you can scale the model up by 25.4 to get
the correct size.

Thanks for catching this!