Anemometr v.4.0 - With a Speed Sensor + Rain resistant

by flashgorshkov Sep 8, 2017
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hae problem with wiring hall sensor. Hole is so small, and cant putin any 3 wires. Can only one very thin wire, but need 3 wire. Any suggestions?

I really like the design. It is only a little bit challenging to allign the bearing to get smooth running.
One question:
After which points did you choose the Hall sensor?
How important is it to use exactly the a1120 Hall sensor? Are others working, too?


Unfortunately, I do not have more detailed data. The sensor model was advised to me by one of the participants in Thingiverse, I was developing a prototype.

Link to this comment: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2253883/comments

This recommendation was given to me by the user MeisterQ: https://www.thingiverse.com/MeisterQ/about

Sincerely, Flash Gorshkov.

Anemometr v.2 - Rain Rezistant


you write "The perimeter of the circle is 50 centimetres" but i can't see any perimeter that have 50cm.
What do you mean?


The length of the circle is one lobe for a full revolution of about 50 cm. The circumference is calculated by the formula C = 2πr.

Tested untill how much Wind speed ?
I'd like to measure strom wind speed that are now each week ...

Really nice. Ill print this thing next days!

You are a very good man.
Thank you very much.
When I print, put together and run - I will share the results

If you find errors in the model, please tell me, I will correct it.

Hi, would a big problem be to break up a project into single elements?
I do not need more arms with cups - you probably did not change that?
I already have magnets and Hall sensor - but 15h print me scare :)
Thank you in advance and best regards

Hello. I apologize for not being able to react before, was on a trip. If the task with division into objects is still relevant, I will be pleased to provide you with the necessary files.

yes, splitting into seperate files is still relevant and makes a lot of sense.
I will not hesitate to print your design right away then.
Great design.
best regards,


At your request, the model is divided into separate parts.

In slic3r you can split the objects up. I printed everything in about 5 hours.