USB Stick Holder

by wabbitguy Sep 9, 2017
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Very nice design. I'll be sure to print it once my printer is out of RMA.

Sorry to hear about the printer being laid up, but I've printed more than just a couple of these myself. They seem to go "missing" on a regular basis...:-)

Thanks. By the way, what is the large blue thing on the second USB holder?

LOL.... it's called a USB Charge Doctor...essentially you plug it in the USB port, then a USB goes into it. It reads out the voltage and current being used by the device plugged in. Handy when you're working on some Arduino projects...


If you don't mind, how much PLA does this exactly use to print?

(PRUSA Slicer 1.39.1)
1.75mm filament
0.3mm layer height
3 perimeters
30% infill

22.87m of filament
1Kg 1.75mm PLA spool has approximately 330m on it.

Thank you very much

Fit's perfect! I had to shrink and cut a little off to make it fit within a 120x120x120 mm printer build volume but it works.

Also nice secret hidden usb slot in the back ;)

Do you happen to still have the shrinked version for 120mm (H) Printers?

There is a file 117mm. I just removed the top of the design so it would fit a 120mm height limit. Maybe that would work for you.

Wonderfull! Thank you!

You're very welcome!

LOL.... you're the first one to mention the little hidden USB slot in the back...nice sleuthing...:-)

I never thought about the height limit, just taking a few mm's off the top would make it fit in the 120mm height limit without , or I guess it could be removed off the bottom...good going!

Unfortunately, I need a larger hole for my sticks- I tried a "fix" but that would take me about 20 hrs of CAD time, the large sticks will fit within the chamfered dimension ( without the caps on, which I don't want to do.
Could we get a rebuild with an American dimensioning of .750 wide X >390 high?

The problem with USB flash drives is there is no standard for a cap size. I have some Data Travellers where the cap width is .8" x .45" x .8" long. Other flash drives I have don't have caps the USB end retracts inside the case. You might ask the original designer if he can create a custom version for you.


USB Stick Holder

These look really great but I can imagine something falling on it and snapping all those flash drives in two :)

Duly noted for placement, but unless the ceiling fixture lets go there's nothing to worry about here...:-):-):-)

Printed it with mendelmax 1.5, looks and works grate! Thanks!