ender 2 cable chain complete

by RaffoSan Sep 10, 2017
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Does anyone has the lower part (steppermountbottom) that could fit a 40x20mm fan? Thanks!

Open Drag Chain https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2146995 is broken.
you should use
Open cable chain https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2802560
Regards Heinz

open cable chain

I printed everything out, then realized the top bracket that mounts to the X motor won't fit because I have a dampener on it and the lip is too close. Crap!

If u brake the clip that fits on the metal part I think it can work, I've recived on Friday a bunch of dampeners , tomorrow when I get home I'll upload a dampener version :)

Awesome, I appreciate it! I cut the clip that fits next to the metal arm, but it falls loose. I can wait :)

updated mounts for dampener, if they are like mine they are 6mm , first check it, than check your nema dimension, usually on ender is 34mm :)

Last week, I printed the 34mm bracket. Today I finished my cable chain, so I assembled everything. How tight should it be? It clips on, but keeps falling off during use. The "clip" part of it has a bit of a gap. I thought maybe I printed the wrong one, so I just did the 39mm one and that's definitely the wrong size as it won't fit at all. I also measured my damper, and it's 6mm like yours.

I printed the 34mm one at .2 with 30% infill. I'll try printing another one tomorrow in case I screwed something up.

I attached a picture of a top-down view of the X motor to show the gap on the bracket.

added a version qithn that 1mm gap filled, i think i'll start to thinker a different part mod, too many versions and too much possibilities is the wrong direction, thanks for ur patience and time

I have a similar problem like RudestBuddhist. It looks like they moved the metal plate, so there is not enough space for the "clip", see picture. I guess one solution would be to decrease the thickness of the clip and maybe make it a little bit longer.
Would be gladful for your help!

I just printed the latest one. It fits like a glove. Thank you so much!

Sad to hear it, I don't have dampeners on my ender so this parts are not tested, I've just changed the dimensions hoping that they would have been right for the work, seems there is a gap of about 1.5mm, tomorrow when I'm home I'll try to figure it out,

Thanks a ton RaffoSan. I will do some low quality test prints, then a final when I find one that fits.

Seems like the link to the Open Drag Chain (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2146995) doesn't work anymore. Any alternatives?

Hi, can you write where can i find the print design that you have put on the extruder in the first picture?

I think u refer to this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2456930

at the moment I have removed it, seems that my spring generates too mush pressure and the exstrusion gives me problems

CR-10 3 in 1 Extruder Cover and Filament Guide

okay, thank you, by the way the chain is not too heavy for the engine in the z axis??
the engine heats up too much?

the Z axis moves slow so there should be no problems in the weight, still havent had èproblems for it, the cover on the exstruder isnt really big should not be a problem for the heat, maybe i can value to reduce just the weight of the chain but so far it works nice

ok, i can only print and check ;-) thank you.