UpLULA - Pickup & speedload extension

by AmmoMike83 Sep 11, 2017
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issue I see with the design..
the potion that is zip tied to the loader, the lips are too long on the front ( top as stl loads) it starts hitting the curve on the loader, so it doesnt want to seat fully

the back lip ( bottom as stl loads ) either needs to be shorted or grooves need to be made, the lip doesnt allow the zip tie to cinch down fully to the loader, resulting in a LOT of wiggle

bigger zip tie holes would be nice..

Ill see what I can tweak myself but I'm not super great

made a small tweak and it works pretty good now

I wonder if one could move the vertical strip closer to the front of the mag so that theoretically, you could just push on the cartridges from the top so the lowest cartridge falls down into the mag, then do the uplula move, push from the top, uplula, push... so no need to extract the cartridge from the strip?

I have trouble to understand how the bullets get from this extension into the Uplula. I guess I have to print one and see.

Unfortunately I have no tripod for my cam oder Smartphone, so. There is a little gap at the bottom where you can grab out the ammo. Grab, insert into Uplula, grab insert into Uplula, etc.

So you have to slide each cartridge all the way up and out of the top of the holder and then put it in the uplula. What about having a slot in the bottom where the first cartridge is so you can just pull the bottom cartridge straight out and then put it in the uplula? Then the ones above will fall down to the first slot and you just keep going.

There is a hole at the bottom. You just have to lift the lowest catridge 1 mm.

Ah, perfect. I didn't notice the little gap there.

I am presently building your bullet loader collator for a Dillon 1050 using your design. I will sent photos when I am finished. Do you have a recommendation of what material to use? Also I would love for you to design a primer filler like the Pal Filler. They sell that thing for $225.00 and it is not worth that price. I also built a Pondness Warren Auto Drive. I did it with a milling machine but it would probably work with 3D printing. I have not learned how to design anything in 3d cad.

Slugs 6

You can use PLA or ABS, it doesn't really matter. The most important thing is a absolutely perfect leveled printing bed. I sent you a design for the filler by email.


I'm not sure how this works. Could you do a video?


just image the extension on top of the UpLula. ;)