Z.O.D. Terrain Tiles (Core Set)

by dutchmogul Sep 11, 2017
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How could one get a 45 degree corner to make a diagonal turn in the wall?

Loving the detail on these. I'm running into a consistent issue where the bottom of the print on the Starship side is consistently bowing inwards right at the start so I can only use the insert on the top of the print (Which works perfectly!). Not really sure how to fix this, but I'm going to try and print some other things from the set to see if they work better.

EDIT: turns out the raft may have been interfering with the print. I turned the raft off and printed straight on the bed and it came out perfectly.

Hi I really like this idea on the tiles, the duel sides are nice plus printing vertically is cool as well for detail and multiple piece printing. One issue im running into that i see a few others having in these comments is that the tiles don't fit together nicely like in the video. Im printing them to the recommended settings and ive also printed 2 different batches the first at normal speeds and the second at a 20% drop in speed. both sets don't hold together well at all. the wall to floor spacer barely holds its self in and slides every where and there is not clicking. Is there any solution to this issue or are yall working on a better version? Id really like to continue using these since i just became a pateron for you guys.

Did you ever find a solution. I just printed using the latest Cura, with .2 layer height and 0 infill. They barely hold together, no click whatsoever. Gravity alone will make one panel fall off the other if held vertically.

Yeah, I've seen this pop up, but I've also had people say that they can be too tight. I wish i could give you a more solid answer, but we print ours on eight different machines using three different slicing programs (at the same specs) and they all work, so it's hard to trouble shoot. I'm glad the free version is here for people to test them out, because that issue must have the same root cause. If you (or anyone) can figure out what's causing that, we'd love to know.

I'm trying to print the DungeonWallA.stl file (and DungnStarshipFloorA.stl) with a skirt. This is on an M3D Micro+. When they start printing, it doesn't even try to print the skirt and the first layers never even get laid. It just spits out filament like the print head is too high.

But when I print StarshipDoorwayA.stl, it prints the raft just fine and first layers are great. Also, other STLs I print work just fine.

Has anyone else had trouble printing the floor files?

Comments deleted.

The fourth picture (not counting the video) shows some kind of business with roof tiles, but I do not see these in the Core Set. I tried to find it in your web shop. Do you have any scifi themed tile sets available (for free or purchase) with these roof/second floor options?

Printing these tiles just now! Thanks for great designs!
Any plans of designing 5ft width tiles?

I finally got around to printing some of the western tiles from the kickstarter. I printed the ones for the saloon. It is super wobbly, the pieces do not click together. What could I possibly change to make the tiles lock tighter to one another? I like the modular aspect of these sets but I will end up gluing together my saloon facade. Any advice would be appreciated. I printed them using simplify 3d.

I tried playing this with my friend Khan, but he just didn't seem to get it.

Hi !
Now that the kikstarter campaign is over, where should we buy ? I didn't find in your website (or maybe just by using patreon ?).

Im new to this game, Im currently printing. Amazing design!

any ideas where to find the instructions on how to play this board game?

It's not a game, it's gaming tiles.

Could anyone recommend a game or ruleset to try out?

I'd go with the ol' grand pappy. Dungeons & Dragons is in its 5th edition, and I dig it.

My 2 boys (7+9) and I play the D&D board games, we haven't moved up to full blown D&D yet :)

Oh, I still need to play those. Worth it even just for the miniatures, I imagine (though I hear they're great as games on their own). We picked up Assault of the Giants, but we haven't played it yet.

I picked it up to be a gateway game for both me and my kids. Most games go like this, in the first few turns you feel like you own the game, and all of the sudden everyone is near death and we're surrounded by monsters.

Maybe that can be my first 3D project for Thingiverse, D&D 3D board game tiles :)

Ok, these are wonderful, print easily (maybe not in 45min but not too much more) so i was wondering... could you get whoever painted the tiles in your photos to give us some tips? They look fantastic and it's always easier to learn from someone with experience.

These look Awesome! I'm currently printing the 6 wall house kit you've put up here. Assuming that it works (I have no reason to doubt it yet), I definitely would be interested in becoming a patron in exchange for more tiles. That being said, I'm a bit confused as to the pricing listed on your page.

I would, for example, be interested in having access to your dungeon floor and wall tiles (sorry, no starfinder here). What would be the correct way to purchase the models?

Hey, thanks! Well, we'll be selling the individual sets on our website once they're finished, though we'll be giving them to our Patreon subscribers as they come out. When you pledge on Patreon you get charged your pledge amount ($1 or more) every time we post an item (including the models we post here or subscriber-only rewards). But, you set a monthly pledge limit when you sign up, so you never need to pay more than you're comfortable. (Say you sign up at $1 per model release, you could set a cap at say $5 and you'd only ever be charged a maximum of $5 per month, no matter how many things we post).

Hey, First of all love you work. I was to late to join the kickstarter party so I decided patreon is the way to go. I do have one question though, how do i connect the wall tiles to floor tiles?

Hey, thanks for the support! We'll be getting those out to patrons soon. When connecting floors to walls, just use SpacerA (starship or dungeon). The textured face should be face down.

That works thank you, I do have one problem though. When printing Dungeon wall corner A the tab directly in like with the groove is thinner than the other tab, any advice on how to fix that? It's actually so thin that it just falls out when I'm using it.

Yeah, that happens to us when the printer calibrations are off. That's always an indicator that we need to adjust the build plate. With some programs, it can mean that the print settings are too fast/hot (everyone's slicing software and printer is different, of course). You'll know when you have it on point because the channel and fin will be diamond-shaped instead of smooshed to one side. With the corner pieces, it really helps to print them grouped close together if you can't get the calibrations perfect. I have them uploaded in two-packs that way here, but you can even pack more together if you like, keeping them about a mm apart. On my machines (MakerBot replicators) they seem to print a lot better when you make sure the channels are aligned to the X-axis (printing left to right instead of facing to the front or back).

So after trying to print multiples at the same time the dimensional accuracy definitely improved however it still wasn't exactly to my liking so i decided to improvise... a VERY small amount of Prestick (Blu Tack for non South Africans) inside the "groove" of tiles make the connections stiff enough without preventing easy disassembly.

I have a feeling it's a combination of speed and temperature, i will print a 4 pack after work and report back :)

You say to print these vertically, but at least the dungeon/starship floor model comes in horizontally. It would be great if you could update the models so they come in the way they should be printed - I'm having a hard time getting it positioned since "surface to platform" is making it be at an angle... UPDATE: maybe it's my slicing software (FlashPrint), I was able to get it vertical on the non-tab side, which I assume is correct?

Hey, Fred. Yeah, the way they're shown uploaded here is how they should print. Sometimes different programs uplaod objects at different angles, for sure (Blender does that to me all the time, depending on the file type). But, if the fin connector (or connectors, in the case of floor tiles) are standing upright, you're good.

I've printed ~ 4 floor tiles and all of them are extremely loose. I'm not sure what my issue is. The fin sticking out is not nearly big enough to lock it into the groove of another tile. I've attached pictures of the problem.

Note the fin isn't triangular in shape...I'm not sure why this is the case. I've tried rotating 15-45 degrees, but it ended up being a worse print and wasn't usable.

Thanks! :)

First of all, great pictures! How'd you get them? I'm Jeremy (the other guy at IGG). What printer, slicer and settings are you using? Let's start there and see where it goes. We'll figure it out. If you would email us (illgottengames2012@gmail.com) to work it out further, that'd be great. I want our tiles to be printable by anyone who wants to print them. So, thank you.

Will do, thanks a ton!

Did you end up solving your problem? I have exactly the same issues..
( Flashforge Creator Pro, Simplify3d )

I just printed this set and it printed great using your suggested values. I have a problem in that the fit is too loose. I do feel a little bit of snap when I push the parts together but there is no friction inside to keep the parts from sliding. The socket on the wall corners has no click at all. The walls freely slide in and out. Bumping it slightly is enough to make a wall fall apart. Am I doing something wrong?

Hard to say, because every printer is different, but I’ve definitely gotten that effect when my plate isn’t calibrated or belts are lose (or the like). Also, if you’re printing them at a 45 degree angle, try printing them straight left to right instead. That can depend on the printer type and calibration.

First of all: I love the idea and look of these tiles (and backed immediately after seeing this thing)
Though I had an issue after printing:
I printed some dungeon tiles (wall a & b, floor, doorway, doortab and stuff) at 0.4mm width / 0.1mm height with PETG.
While everything printed perfectly and looked gorgeous, the connectors' fit was a bit loose, compared to the Kickstarter video.
More importantly, the connectors that print on top the walls and floors were only attached by one or two lines and broke off cleanly on the first try of snap-fitting on both the two walls and the floor tile. The side connectors are naturally really sturdy.
Admittedly I printed with 10% infill contrary to the recommendation, could this be the problem?
I will give it another shot with some print setting tweeks and see if I can get rid of this issue.
Of course, if you have a tip herefore, please let me know.

Hey, thanks for the pledge! Yeah, I've been seeing that with the connectors that print horizontally. We have a new set that utilize textured spacers where the walls and floors meet, and this makes two major differences: 1) All connectors print on the Z, making them snap-proof, and 2) Walls can now be assembles and placed without floors or connectors sticking out, which makes them ideal for scatter terrain or making dungeons on an erasable grid map of that's your jam. But yes, definitely print without infill! 0% is the way to go. Even a little can mess with the connection, we've found.I wouldn't toss the tiles you printed though, even a bit of a loose connection should be enough when you have them interlocked with others. I'll be replacing the old tiles with the new all-Z connector fin configuration soon.

That's great news. I just saw that you uploaded the new tiles.
I will print some of these tonight and see how they come out.

I've been having the same trouble with my attempts (0% infill, 3 shells) your troubleshooting and updating the tiles has earned you another backer.

Hey, awesome! Many thanks. Yeah, I want these to be as close to perfect as possible. The fins that print on the Z are pretty much indestructible (haven't broken one, and we had kids playing with the for two days straight at our Maker Faire even last weekend). Now I'm just finalizing a round of test prints to make sure it's all in order before I post them here.

Well done Dutchmogul. I backed on Kickstarter today! Looking forward for the full release. :-)

How many top and bottom solid layers are recommended? How many outline/ perimeter shells do you use? Really no infill? The floor tiles seems to be hollow.

Hey, thanks!

Really, no infill! The hollow tiles actually make them sturdier, especially in relation to the connectors. I print at 2 shells but I've seen even better results with 3. I tend to print at a .2 layer height, but if you don't mind the extra time I'm sure a .1 will be stronger/give better detail.

I've been using the Truetile formats, so I'll but upping the size just a little. 1.25in Squires just kinda grows on you. I do love how the tiles are reversible. I might start doing that with the cardboard tiles I make as well.
CR-10 printer, low settings with speed at 75. 13 tiles about 16 hours of print time.

I am in the same boat with the truetiles. I need to figure out the scale adjustment. What's funny is I use openlock with my true tiles so I made an adapter half OpenLock and half ZOD. I didn't post it because I wasn't sure of the ZOD license.

Oh, yeah, don't post it yet or anything, but you should direct message me. I'd love to take a look. That's something we're really considering doing.

Oh, yeah, scaling up should be no problem at all. Scaling down might cause issues with the connectors/tolerance though.

Just printed a couple pieces, the Dungeon doorway, dungeon door tab, a floor tile and a couple of the spacers.

It is mostly fine, needed to do some sanding at the mating surfaces, but looking good. I'm definitely going to look at throwing some money your way for this one.

These look great. You mentioned 45min to print one tile. I loaded up the floor tile and it looks to be double that. What print speeds are you using?

Hey, thanks! I'm using the default speeds in MakerBOT Desktop. A friend did it in Cura (I believe at the defaults) and it was about the same. Not sure what the speeds are set to in those programs (I don't tend to muck with that) but that should be easy to find. I'm also doing a .2 layer height and 0% infill, which helps. (The 0% infill is pretty requisite, I think.)

I printed out a wall/floor/corner and door. They came out perfect. I like the reversible floors a lot.

This is some nice looking terrain. Backed and Backed.

I am on board the Kickstarter. I am glad to have the opportunity to support your work.

Hey, much appreciated!

Wow this is excellent work il definitely keep an eye on you ks