Creality CR-10 top spool holder + filament cleaner/gudie (2020)

by DJlNN Sep 12, 2017
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Good work.
I'd really like a double spool holder to use double extrusion along with a double folament gudie and sponge. Thanks!
As last, it would be so cool to add a bearing support like on the creality brace here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3020026 using 2x 608 bearings.

Filler - The Customizable Filament Holder that fills your printer!

How do you get the side arms to screw in and fall in the perfect position (tight and pointing up)

Thank you

Sometimes last turn is hard depends where you begin.

Gotcha! I was afraid to break it but its on and not going anywhere

Thank you

What orientation did you print the spool holder body?

I would love to see your filament cleaner remixed to hold the stock CR-10S (With the black extruder, not yellow) filament sensor. Any takers?

explain or send me some pictures I will maybe fix it for you.

did you ever find a remixed, or substitute, part to hold the filament sensor?

How do you suggest to print the guide part? I tried it to place horizontally, but supports are not being auto-generated in Simplify3D for the thread part. Should it be placed vertically? Or should I go with much smaller resolution for supports..? Please advise! Thank you!

IdeaMaker [also free] lets you autogenerate or manually place supports. Well worth playing with.

I used Cura and its works great and its for free

Any issues with the added weight on top of the frame? Increased vibrations? Any noticeable difference in print quality ?

Nope nothing. I really recommend vibration damper for cr10 you will have really quite machine with that.

Thanks for the reply. I have a CR-10S with the dual Z axis screw and would have to remove the right side screw mount just to slide on the body. I'm not sure how difficult that would be, but this printer is 2 days old..not ready to disassemble.

Its really easy as hell just unscrew and screw it back

Ya, didn't realize that at first. I'm all set. Thanks for the reply.

how should the side arms be printed? I printed the short once laying down and the thread is not fitting very well with the base, there is barely any grip

The left and right arms should be printed flat. The middle spool should be printed with the gear side flat straight up, the body should be printed flat with threads left and right with support. I have trippel checked the threads it fits perfect. If you doing like I said and the threads not fitting then maybe your printer is off.

it seems like I printed it the "right" way but maybe the settings are off (this is with PLA) will try again with other settings maybe also try the 2.3 kg sides. Right now it fits but very flimsy and when tightened to the end one points to the side the other one downwards.

The threads should be perfect fit not flimsy at all. The 2.3kg is exact copy of the shorter one. Is all 4 threads off for you?

I guess you mean all 3, one side has just a hole with no threading at the top. I will play with my slicer settings and print just a cut for testing

Yea, all 3, my bad.

Which parts can be printed flat?

Check answer above

Can ju adjust the detail that the filament hangs on, to a thinner one, would be nice to use it for Taulam spools theres the hole is just abaout 17mm

You mean the spool hole is 17mm? So little?

Done, you can download it now

Can you fix longer arms so we can use 2.3kg spools

The arm is pretty long, how much longer do you need?

Spool_holder_body did you print it standing

the body are printed on it´s back with support.

I have the CR-10 S5. The "clamp" doesn't fit into my rails. Other than that, excellent. Thanks.

I think cr-10 s5 uses same metal structure, it should fit. You have to use some force and bend it little bit to get in in. Its a perfect fit so it don't move. You have to remove the plastic part blue/yellow for the design before putting this on, just let me know how it goes.

Thank you,
i try it.

The thread does not fit.
Spool arm left+right its to small for the thread.

Reprint left and right arm I fixed the problem after several hours of work

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Great design. Thanks a lot.

Thanks, I hope you enjoy it.

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are any other parts/materials required for this? In terms of screws, etc.

Yes, you need a little bit PTFE tube and a little bit 1x1cm sponge for the cleaning part, check picture 4&5. All the parts have threads just screw it together.