Math Spinner

by jdharris Sep 13, 2017
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Did you print the core vertical on the platter, or horizontal?

Vertical to the bed is best.

Thank you very much.

I printed last week the math spinner by christinachun; my 5yr son loves it but gets frustrated with random spinning. I am printing this tonight! Math and 3D excitement for the whole family!

I hope it turns out well!

Your design is awesome. I want to print one for my daughter but the rod itself is too big for my printer, like the majority of similar designs I have found on Thingiverse. Your design has support for more digits which makes it appealing.

If anyone has any suggestions to share on how I could break the rod into 2 smaller pieces so my printer can handle it, while making sure I can make it a solid and durable part afterwards, I would gladly appreciate it.

I just used the scaling function within Cura and was able to build one with my smaller printer.

Super cool, I love math. And others should too.

Is there any way you could include the step file for the Core piece so that we can edit the length of it at will?

I have added an image to this post showing the dimensions you will need to recreate your own core. Just an FYI, there are 10 indents around the outer circumference, and I also chamfered the ends at 1.5 mm after extruding to 161mm.

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I'm printing it this afternoon. My daughter's gonna hate me for the rest of my life!

No worries, I am going to have a whole class mad at me!

How does it calculate; what internal mechanism drives the result dials, I guess I don't see those there.

It is for learners to model math problems. It is NOT intended to function as a calculator.

So this is just a complex replacement for a piece of paper and pencil then.

It is meant for a young/beginner kinesthetic learner so they can have a tangible way to show understanding. In first grade, 6 year-olds are learning simple addition and subraction with single digit numbers and double digit numbers. I am simply providing them with a way to model the concept so they can show understanding.

Complex, sure but I bet it can catch more attention from kids than pencils and paper.