Articulated Dragonfly

by Octozero Sep 15, 2017
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Hi nice work man which type filament used pla or pets for wings

Hi extrimelanding, thanks.
I have used PLA for all the parts, including wings ;)

hey could you change it on the wing for the veins as i don't have the 0.3 mm width only 0.4 mm. if you would modify to 0.5 i would appreciate this much!

slic3R it's ok
But cura not good.. to tiny

Sur la photo on peut voir 2 trou d'assemblage? Mais pas dans les fichiers .STL
est-ce normal?

oui c'est normal, c'est juste qu'au moment de faire les photos je n'avais que cette ancienne version de la pièce sous la main.
J'avais fait ça pour centrer les pièces avant collage mais au final ce n'est pas essentiel et ça simplifie un peu plus les pièces.

Work done. from 0.4 to 0.5mm. It will be better now for printing ;)

thanks i'm printing it now. i will take a picture and post it for you to see. thanks i cant wait to show my grandson this!

Cool!, i look forward to your print :)

very kool man. id like to see it on a stick or rod and a trigger to activate the wings. maybe you remember like the old dinosaur head on the stick and you'd pull the trigger to make his mouth open? I'm not sure how easy you could do that but it would be a great addition for this toy!
i like it alot great job.

Thanks a lot tommy. Modify the actual version and add a trigger seems to be a really good improvement. I know exactly what you mean.
When i was a child, i had an articulated Velociraptor From Jurassic Park. The difference was that the mouth opens when its head was pushed down.

Thanks for the idea, it needs to be remixed now ^^

let me know when it is done and has a trigger yea like that Velociraptor you had. . i did the first one now and it works very well! thanks much.

What were your print settings for the wings? My slicer breaks up the veins so that they are not continuous lines with my 0.4mm nozzle. Or did you use an SLA/SLS printer?

Veins were designed with a 0.4mm width. I had the same problem with my slicer (simplify 3D) therefore i had modified the "Extrusion width" setting from 0.4 to 0.3mm. It will be ok with this solution.

Let me know if you still have the problem, in which case i will modified width of the design from 0.4 to 0.5mm.
Thanks a lot for your feedback :)

Thanks for that advice. Changing the Extrusion Width to 0.3mm as you suggested worked well! I also used 0.1mm layer height. Now I can finish printing the rest of your model.

It's good to hear that it works! ;) you're welcome.