cubex e3d adapter for stock extruder

by nicksears Sep 16, 2017
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what exactly is this for? it is hard to tell from the pictures.

basically, you can adapt an e3d hotend (cheapo chinese knockoff versions only, where they have the large hex push connector on top) so that it fits in the standard mount of a cubeX. And by adapt, I mean: turn it down in a lathe so it's round and the same diameter as the stock hotend.

I no longer use the stock carriage at all, but it did work at the time.

This is really useful! How can I get you to ship me a couple?

I want use e3DV6 hot end with the original electronics, but I did not find termistor 230K. Do you know how to use 100K termistor or winkle out
original termistor?

I know 100k wont work with the stock firmware, but I have seen a 230k on ebay here:

no guarantees it will work, but I have seen it done with this sensor with SOME success.

FYI, you may be able to find a round pneumatic adapter somewhere.

Here are a couple possibilities, but I don't see measurements

If anyone finds a repeatable source for 10mm please post (3/8"=9.5mm might be close enough)
My rough microsoft paint measurements show ~9mm and ~12mm for these two.

I am converting a Cubex as well with the e3DV6 hot ends and am not happy with the 3d printed adapter I have made. I am interested in the adapter you made- shown in the red circle. do you have a model of it? what thread is on it? is that 1/8" NPT?. I don't want to use the block of aluminum supplied by cubex -(besides I have only one) Thanks. If I make something good I will share the final design with you.

I don't have a model, it's just the stock (knock off) pneumatic adapter for an e3dv6 that I've turned down on a lathe to make it circular. Can't remember the diameter, but it's the same as the stock CubeX extruder tip so that it's a direct replacement. I have some extras I can send you but if you're not using the stock aluminum extruder block (which sucks, I agree) then I'm not sure it's worth it...

I haven't tried it myself yet, but just fyi to anyone trying this with the original electronics, the CubeX tips use a 230k ohm thermistor which is rare but I've seen it on eBay.

Thanks for the info. after I commented here I figured out that the thread in the hot end is an 1/8" NPT . I am hoping to make a short tube that starts as 1/8" npt to fit in the hot end and adapts to the keyhole above. I will post something when its done.