LM8UU Bearing Holder Using Single Cable Tie

by Duke_S Sep 17, 2017
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I'll give it a try ad see if i can get an "after print" temp to see how much heat gets through. If it seems to do good will post here so others can know as I am sure any heat reflected back at the heat bed is good all around.

Do you think a thermal barrier between the sled and bed would help with the PLA heat issue? I have a tarantula as well and their beds come insulated, so think it might work on this as well.

Possibly. A couple weeks ago when servicing my printer i noticed that these pla bushings weren't sliding quite as freely as before so a filed them out slightly to free them up a bit. Chamber temp has been no higher than 35C but i have been doing a lot of 110C bed printing lately. Perhaps additional heat shielding would have helped. I think i am going to replace my pla bed bushings with petg soon. The petg ones on my x carriage have continued to work well.