Mini CNC Drawbot from CD/DVD drive parts

by manespgav Sep 17, 2017
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consulta sobre el eje z se podra hacer algo para colocar un stepper de cd mas

lo más probable es que rompieses contínuamente la pieza que desplaza el eje Z si no calculas muy bien dónde debe parar y, si cambias de boli, a calcular de nuevo. Con la goma, no va a hacer más fuerza cuando apoye en el papel

I think pen holder should to change

If you want, I can share the design files

in the second image there are more parts than shared. Can you please share those parts as well, eventhough they're not supposed to be printed?

"Columnas" should be printed twice, it's the same for both sides

heyy! can we help you to develop this project?. wich software are you using to draw it?.

Catia V5. If you want, i can share catia design files

Any update on this? I have a few leftover CD Drives laying around I could use.

Looking mainly for instructions on how I send information from the computer to this once it is assembled.

i'm about to build this myself.

I was thinking to create a custom PCB holding a barebone arduino, which is basically a atmega chip with crystal. And then using 2 L293D motor drivers to drive the stepper motors. The other motor can easily be controller by arduino. For communicating with computer I was thinking about using TTL USB converter connected to the serial line of the atmega. Alternative it might be possible to install V-USB on the arduino and then making it work somehow with grbl firmware, but this might be too complex as it requires customization of both host and client software. Besides that software driven USB connection might not be fast enough to handle the synchonisation of the different stepper motors.

Another option would be to drive it from a SD card. In the past i've simply soldered pins to a micro sd card adapter and connected it to arduino and read content of a micro sdcard. I can't recall the connection though and how i programmed it.

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You may have some film from the work of the device

No, sorry :(

Great project! A few months ago I grabbed a few of the linear steppers exactly like the ones you are using. Do you have a place where I can follow in case you improve the existing design?

Hi 0miker0, Yes! you can follow the improvement in this threat of thingiverse. I am updating the files as soon as possible. I hope will be useful for you!. :)

Best regards