AnyCubic i3 Mega E3D V6 Hotend Upgrade Kit

by steddyman Sep 18, 2017
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Use this for fake E3D clones where they use a diffrent push down to release kinda thing (PTFE fittings?!). I don't know what they called.

I temporarily held my E3D V6 in place to print this part i designed (it's literally a circe....) to make them have the same space... lol

you don't need anything else from here. I might make a guide myself.

the hole is 12.5mm which is quiet a wiggle room. but my printer printed it at 12.15 so maybe scale the X and Y to make it fit more snugly if you have a more accurate printer? but i thought there's no harm in a little wiggle room :P

the other file (E3D V6 upgrade adapter) has a nut shape hole inside to work better and a bit of a thing to make sure it doesn't slide when you're screwing it in. you might need to sand it a little because there's like 0.05mm clearance if I remember correctly? or 0.1? /shrug

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do you have the editing Bowden Support file? I need to make some modifications.

Hi, does anyone know the printer settings for the Anycubic I3 mega for the E3D V6 setup?

FYI I remade the adapter ring to fit the bowden clip (use the rev1). I basically added a notch for the clip.

Anycubic I3 Mega Ultrabase E3D V6 spacer
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What material is best to print these parts in ABS?

Hi. It doesn't really matter as these are all at the cold end of the hotend, so will never be at a temperature that causes an issue. I just used PLA and it was fine.

Thank you so much for making those parts! =)
Just one question though, is the filament cooling fan with the duct supposed to point at the hotend?

can you give some info about the way you setup the titan? cheers

The adapter ring doesnt fit on my i3 mega ultrabase. Its too wide like it needs to be scaled down.

Steddyman, thanks for the package. I recently used your video to upgrade my I3 Mega to an E3D hotend. I found the PID tuning part especially handy. You mentioned that you also upgraded to a Titan Extruder. I sent you a DM earlier today hoping to get additional information on what you learned from that experience.

but why, what is so hot abot the other hotend, what are the perks?

Any big difference in quality?

The big difference is reliability. I have three of these printers that are running 24x7 and prior to switching the hotend and extruder, at least one of them was out of action with a partially blocked nozzle every week.

My E3D didn't come with the bowden clip (I have three of them) so I didn't have a problem

The adapter ring is a bit of a problem becasue it can't clear the bowden clip