uniX-Wade Universal Extruder

by Chri Jun 21, 2012
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That's a nasty bridge under that bearing! :)

Very nice design, I'm currently printing it. I have a suggestion that may make it easier for some people to print on slower printers which struggle with bridges. In the main part there is a large face which requires bridging where a bearing would be sat in the completed design. Perhaps you could insert a single column in the middle of this area or better still multiple single wall thick concentric columns to provide good support for printers that struggle with bridges. I managed to insert a small stack of washers just before it got here which saved the print, but I don't think it would have worked otherwise.

Very cool, are there any matching Herringbones ?

Do you have sources for the gears? I'd like to reduce the gearing, 4.3:1 is unnecessarily large gearing (makes retractions slow).

Sorry the files are only used from a other source also only in .stl.

I also tried to make smaller gears because the gearing is really too much.

If you find something usable pleas let me know ;)

I just printed the parts for this extruder. Now the next step will be the assembly. Therefore a "shopping list" (Screw length, bearing type,...) would be very helpfull. Please add this list to make this project even more easy to rebuild!

thanks for the info, i added the shopping list, i hope i didn`t forgot something ^^

Thank you for the listing! I Just returned from shopping... ;)

What are your settings for the firmware (steps) ? I tried tith the original ORCA V10 extruder settings, but there's not enough throughput with that. I think there must be almost the double length of material...

Orca V10 is the hotend not the extruder ;)

direct drive Orca (0.20 to 0.40) had 67 steps, Orca v42 has 150 steps.

with the uni-X Extruder i have ~330 with 3mm filament and ~350 with 1,75mm filament.

mfg Chri

I just changed from 136.5 steps (Setting from Camiel) to 341.25 steps (doubled the value) which actually seems to work good, but I'll also try to go up to somewhat 350 tomorrow.. Thanks so far! The wade seems to work more reliable than the orignal V042 extruder. And it's so easy to change the filament (only two screws) :-D

Nice to hear , thats for what i made it ;)

It would be better if you calculate the steps instead of only trying them , check out this guide for doing so: http://richrap.blogspot.de/2012/01/slic3r-is-nicer-part-1-settings-and.htmlhttp://richrap.blogspot.de/201...

And also a little calculator (tweak calibration) http://calculator.josefprusa.cz/#MotorStuffSPMLhttp://calculator.josefprusa.c...

mfg Chri