Raspberry Pi Zero W Security Camera

by agilliam Sep 20, 2017
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Thank you for posting this. I was looking from something a little more aesthetically pleasing than a box with a hole in it like most of the other designs. I'm still waiting for a fan but I had tested the fit of the other parts. A few areas need modified to make it functional. Would you please post the source files?

Printed this one yesterday on my Prusa I3MK3 and want to share my feelings. (biggest fan version)
First of all design looks very nice but I wouldnt be myself if I wouldnt have some bad critics :P
The bottom stand is not obvious to print and failed, probably if I would turn this upside down it would be fine, because twisted legs printed incredibly good.
Next big problem is camera mount. I posses 1.3 version if remember good, it fits fine in original pi zero casing but not here. Even with some distances added there is a problem with camera cable reverse oriented and outside camera roof hole.
All other holes seems to be well fit. I soldered goldpins at bottom of my raspberry and probably fan cant sit there now but its not a big deal.

Just bought a Creality Ender-3 and this was just my 2nd thing I printed. Turned out brilliantly even though I forgot to add supports when making the top grill, it still made the horizontal slits in 'mid air'. Quite impressed.
Now, can anyone recomend a wall mount with X,Y adjustment to mount it on.
Oh, almost forgot. Many thanks to Aaron, this is perfect for what I want.

I liked this but needed to make a few tweaks to some items. I'm redrawing them in Fusion 360. When i'm done do you mind me reposting a remix with the fusion360 files

Not at all! I apologize, I have been meaning to get to this but a lot of unfortunate things have happened. Cant wait to see what you do with this!

I have not gotten the IR LEDs on it yet. I hade some things happen in life such as some deaths and some other problems which is consuming a lot of my time. The 2 flood style IR won’t be sufficient as it really doesn’t put out a lot of light. (Infrared). My plans are to use a ring of IR emitters but they are mostly all 12v. So I have to redesign the case to allow anvoltage onverter to take 12v tonpower the IR board then step it down to 5v for the RPI Zero.

I appologize. I will start working on this again soon, as soon as things settle down. I’m including a few pictures of the IR boards I’m looking at using. I have one but it’s too big. I’m trying to stay around 50mm or so.

Mine is mounted exactly as in the picture. I’m not sure what exactly your having an issue with, but the rpi faces up cam is upside down though so you’ll have to use the mjpeg streamer settings to rotate.

So I think your camera is different than the official RPi camera. Here are a few pictures of what I'm talking about. I can't make the camera cable go over the top without it twisting. Would you share your CAD files so I can rotate the RPi upside down and make that work?

If I'm correct, my camera cable is not oriented the same way as the ones in the description. The Pi Zero board would have to be upside down to route the camera cable so that the camera faces in the right direction. How did y'all deal with the camera ribbon cable?

What thread size did you use for the threaded insert? I assume it's a 1/2" long 1/4"-20 insert, but with the other metric hardware, I wanted to check.

I had thought about using those ir boards but they just don’t have enough distance to do any good. I’ve only been able to get 6” at best with those. I plan on round style. It I will be working on this soon.

@agilliam, have you been able to redesign using the IR lights from that camera module? I love this design and want to use as a nanny cam in baby's room but I'd really like to have the IR lights. Maybe something like this (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2663663) merged with the existing front piece of yours?

Camera Housing for OV5647 Raspberry Pi Camera

I think this is a solid idea. I remixed that housing you showed to take the side tabs off. I am going to work on adding screw holes to my remix but this should make it easier to mess with now. Check it out: thing 3334369

OV5647 Remix (No side tabs)
by kbuechl

Right now at the bomis the lights that I got or junk they didn’t even work. However the lights that you were showing for the raspberry pie cam there do I lights and they will not show up very well. The one I’m looking at is round has about six of them and will sit around Camera lens. It will give more of a slut or stacked in right now if the dark and firemen. Unfortunately during this time I’ve been having a rough time with family problems taking care of my aunt who passed away Monday of two weeks ago but they recessive Tate it hurt and since then she’s been on life-support. She’s getting a lot better and they have her breathing on her own periodically but she still not in great condition so right now my focus is on that in her house. As soon as I get an update I will send out a message and updates on this I hope to get this done soon.

This looks like a great project. Thank you. Just curious, why do you indicate to use rafts on this? I'm fine with supports where items are lifted off the bed, but rafts? That usually indicates an adhesion problem. I just printed the bottom mount optimized and it was a real issue to remove the raft. My advice is not to do rafts.

very good ,
it lacks more a small modification of the front panel to mount IR LEDs
good job
drawing with fusion 360 ??

That is coming. Awaiting on the ir cluster to arrive :)

Ok i wait and see ..

Has this been completed yet? Would love to see pictures of the final product!

I have just uploaded the final printed assembly.

Great design. Could you also share the code and hardware you used. I'm building a similar project and I can really use all the help I can get ;-)

Will most definitely share all information. Right now its using RPI Zero W, 2 3mm led's (one for power the other blinks as like a status light.

I used a press in threaded insert that is meant to use in wood, (this is for the mount, may end up changing it to use the more standard 1/4-20 threaded insert to mount so it can be tripod friendly. The screws are all 3mm for the camera body, the ones that mount the camera module to the body are 2mm. Ill have a breakdown when I assemble the final one of all parts screws and more.

The camera module is a module from ebay with a fisheye lense wide angle I believe its a 160 degree 5MP camera that can use the IR add on boards. I plan on making a small IR Flood light to go with this (may end up with a larger design and put the 2 together., but for now this serves my purpose.)

Any ideas or suggestions I'm open to them, and thanks for looking!

Cool design !!

But why can't you use Fusion 360?
Its free to use for students, enthusiasts and small businesses up to 100k turnover. You just have to renew your license once a year.


I've tried, and I know its free but I am completely lost on how to use it lol. Sketchup was easier for me to learn and use and going from that to fusion 360, I cant figure out how to measure with tape, etc. I need to just watch some youtube tutorials one day and figure it out!