Brio Male-Male Connector

by erie Sep 21, 2017
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Just Perfect !

Thank you Erie !

Great design but I have an issue with tolerances: the printed part has a fit which requires a lot of force to push in, far greater than a child can apply (almost requires a mallet to insert).

I have tried changing the dimensions of it but this is not possible because it also resizes other features of the part, even if resizing is done on a single axis.

What did you use to design the part? Can you share the files? Otherwise, can you resize it so that it is about 1mm smaller on the perimeters (so that there is some play between the rails and the part)?


Hi Vicent,
Yes, i've experienced the same problem recently, with new brio tracks. When I made these myself, I tweaked the dimensions to work well with my 30 year old wood tracks. I guess they've seen a lot of play ;-)
This was one of my first 3d modelling projects. I used Tinkercad. Nowadays I'm proficient enough to make this as a parametric design in OpenSCAD or Fusion360, so it would be much easier to tweak the tolerances.
I've made my old tickercad design public, you can find it here: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/lI8915GoGcv-brio-male-male-connector#/ Maybe you can tinker with it.
Love to hear if it works out!

Hi erie,

Not surprised indeed if your tracks are 30 years old! Mine are newer (last year) but are also not pure Brio (Imaginarium/Toys'R'Us brand rather, said to be Brio compatible).

Thanks much for sharing your Tinkercad design, this will help tremendously! I have copied the file and will edit it, once I am back to Tinkercard (been using FreeCAD so far, had done a few tutorials w/ Tinkercad though). I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks again!