Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!


by MakerBot Jun 22, 2012
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Look just like the ones from despicable me............................................................................

Great looking little Robot. What software did you design this in? Would it be possible to bet the CAD files, at least for the feet? The body would be great too. I would like to make some modifications that would make it easier to build.

Is the top supposed to be solid? It shows as being hollow, but prints as 'gridded solid'. When I go layer by layer in cura, it shows the grid at each layer, but turning the model shows it hollow inside. I turned off supports and changed fill to 15%, that only changed to grid to be larger but still solid and it is a 4hr print. So confused...print settings would be helpful. I am seeing several 'hanging' parts in layers 100-114 as they start their print, so the grid is catching that, but I am going to be whittling for hours.

I would like to see a more detailed tutorial on the electronics assembly. More specific, I would like to see how the arduino pro mini was wired.

I would like to see a more detailed tutorial for the electronics assembly. Such as wiring up the arduino pro mini.

These STLs blow up in netfab and slic3r. Please fix them ASAP!

Several of these files give manifoldness errors when slicing. I tried running them through cloud netfab but some of them (e.g. Shell_Top.stl and Feet.stl) evaporate during the process. Can someone please upload a set of fixed versions of the files?

Where's the instructions?

Oh, one more thing, it would put this little guy over the top if it had a proximity sensor in the eye and if it blinked!! Whoa!?

This should be a Makerbot project for sale along with the car, wind up and dynamo! And please bring back a limited run of the clock!! I missed out

:( sad sirmakesalot

Please upload a separate file for each foot. The two together don't fit on the Thing-o-matic build platform. I printed the base tonight to get an idea of the servo size and it drooped in front but the servo mountscame out good.

Thanks for splitting the feet. I tried the same technique that you did (I used Vi) but I forgot to add the header/footer to the files so, of course, they failed to open in repg. I resorted to grabbing the two puffy feet from the original Arduped Biped before I saw your upload.

These look great and have really caught my son's eye so I'm going to make a couple!! How are those assembly instructions coming along? (I've got a bunch of parts winging their way to me as we speak...) :-)

Minion was a lot of fun to play with at Makerfaire KC. Thanks for coming!

Hooray! I've long awaited (24 hours!) these mini marvels. Time to finally fix that second extruder! Thanks!

Great character model keep these little robots coming please!

I'd like to add that most of your exports from Sketchup tend to have errors because of the stl export plugin you are using. Try: http://www.guitar-list.com/download-software/convert-sketchup-skp-files-dxf-or-stlhttp://www.guitar-list.com/dow...

It is easy to modify the Ruby (.RB file ) to default to mm and STL. It is a much bett
er exporter and I generally have no errors from models I export with it. (Unless I made the sketchup model wrong in the first place.)

Thanks for your amazing designs. I'm starting to print this one right now.

Yay! I've been hoping you'd release this. I can haz minion!