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Stacking Tournament Storage v2.0

by nestyr Sep 22, 2017
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do you have top tray files that will hold a large ship and up to two small ships?

Juzzyb, the file has been added. You will know when this has been approved, when the main image changes from a JPG to the image of the new top.


I do have one, but need to make some changes before I upload it. Will try to get it up ASAP for you.

Can I ask why you are printing v2 over v3?

Thanks for the quick response.
I didn't realise there was a v3. I'll have a look

Great work!

Could I ask you to make the Tray-Open-Deep-modified_fixed about 5.5mm deeper, so that it can hold dice also? It's about 10mm deep right now and the dice are about 14.75mm, so I think 15.5mm would be about perfect.

Just scaling it on the Z axis in a slicer would also make the stacking areas deeper and would't allow it to stack right, otherwise I would have just done that.


Decided it wouldn't take long to change this, so it's done, and uploaded to the files area.


I hate to be a pain, but it appears that you uploaded the non-open one named as the open one. I loaded it into cura and was disapointed to see a solid bottom. I downloaded the non-open named one also and it was the same.

Could you upload the open one? If not, I'll just print the solid one.

Can't wait to have my entire set done to upload a 'make'.

Thanks Again


The right file should be there now.

Awesome, Thanks!

No problem. I will do this, but it might take me a while to get to it.


On your card tray - can you modify the upgrade card spaces to look like this one: it has the 4 upgrade cards and one you place in the middle.


I can, but I often stack more than two cards in each tray, sometimes as many as four upgrades in each. When I only have two upgrade cards, I use the second tray to hold damage cards.

I will do this, but it will not be for at least a few days, as I’m currently working on some other stuff for a paying customer! If you don’t want to wait, you can edit the file in Sketchup, which is what I will eventually do.


I can hang, as I have no skills in 3D design! :)

Neither did I. Sketchup is really easy to use.

Do you sleeve your cards? If so, what is the height and width of the sleeves? I'd hate to redesign this, only to find out the fifth space was too small...

Card are: 1 5/8" x 2 1/2", with the FFG covers they are 1 6/8" x 2 5/8" - If my math is correct, but really I can un-sleeve them ;)

Done. You can find it under remixes.

I look forward to printing this out soon. Mahalo for the quick response!