PanelDue 7" Screen Case for Tevo Little Monster

by bLITzJoN Sep 22, 2017
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This is such a great design for the Tevo LM, the position of the bracket and use of existing bolts is a great idea. Can I make a couple of suggestions though as the whole thing feels a little weak if you want to adjust the angle.

Back Plate - Thicken up the back as it is pretty flimsy considering it is holding the screen on by the four screws, you could also add some additional screw points along the middle/centre on each side to support the back to the main plate. This could be in conjunction with a lip running all the way around front plate (in alignment with the existing corner support) and this lip could be printed as a small gradient (so no supports needed) giving support like the corners without the bulk and providing a spot for more screws to attach the back packing plate.

Screw Supports – Change the circular supports to a rounded square. The circular supports are very weak when printed and are prone to twisting/breaking off due to the torsional forces when bolting to them. The square shape moves this force to the rounded edges of the square (like the corner supports holding the back on) preventing them from coming off.

The reset symbol - This is a great idea but does not print well in layer heights above 2mm, if you could make it a little deeper and a little wider it would not only make it print better in the thicker layer heights, it would also stand out better.
SD Card Sot – This lines up well on the left-hand side but there is a large gap on the right hand side, it can be reduced in size on the right for alignment. It would also be good if it protruded a little from behind to help with the alignment into the SD slot, this would help keep the card level to the slot. Maybe it could have a part to slot in after the screen has been put in to align it exactly to save you guessing where it goes especially considering you can’t see the slot when putting the card.

Cable Management – Add a dedicated cable exit point, ideally something that can be used to prevent any pull on the cable. I suggest adding a small gap in the top of the front case above the bracket mount, allowing the cable to be sandwiched between the backing plate and front plate when the backing plate is attached (this would require the above change to back plate to be done in order to support it).

I appreciate your feedback and agree. It was an existing design that I modified. I have a few tweaks along the same lines for the next iteration; particularly, the back plate, I have to continually tighten the joint when the display starts to become "floppy". I plan to have a single piece with a conduit in the bracket for the wiring so it's concealed. I haven't had issues with the screw holes, but no reason why it couldn't be beefed up - I do find them rather shallow since the face is so thin which can cause some dimples - perhaps I can design an entirely different mechanism to hold the screen in place that doesn't rely on screws. So many ideas, so little time. lol

All in all though an awesome design, there is always the ability to look for improvements in hindsight and time is always a factor in this :)

Happy to take a shot at it if you happen to have the CAD file

When it comes to remixes, a lot of times I'll just do them in Tinkercad for expediency. I would recreate it from the ground up at this point and make it my own.

Yeah I was thinking of doing the same, always easier though to get the main "shape" and dimensions already done for you as the panel fits well into the case at present.


Your STL for the case seems to be broken in slic3r

Wow! You got that right! I'm amazed I was even able to print them. Typically I check for errors before publishing but it must've been late. I replaced the files with repaired ones, let me know how they turn out.