Rope Machine

by T3CHKOMMIE Sep 24, 2017
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Has anyone used this device to make standard 3 strand rope? Thanks,

I haven't yet. Typically 4 strand is stronger than 3 and makes it easier to wind. I think if you just wind 3 strands it should work. I am curious, what do you need 3 stands instead of 4 for?

Three strand rope is quicker and easier to splice, especially when teaching kids how to splice. Thanks.

Ah that makes sense. Splicing rope made by my machine can get a bit tricky. Are you splicing two ropes together? I just whip the ends of these with dental floss and it works great!

I printed and tried it out. Maybe it’s just a wonky print, but the main gear just doesn’t seem big enough. I keep getting slippage and jamming issues. Overall, good design though. Thanks for making it!

I'm sorry to hear that! What type of filament did you use? I imagine abs might shrink too much. How accurate does your printer do a 20mm test cube?

i like your design VERY MUCH! and i'm looking forward to use it in a LARP like setting as a rope maker NSC :-)

but since then, i tink, there is still one very important part missing: the spacer, that holds the small strings in place, when they come together
check this video out, to see, what i mean:

Medieval rope-making in Visby market (by Lindybeige)

Thanks! I really like the way this turned out. Are you talking about the "magicwand.stl"? I added one a few days ago, but it was worthless. I printed a much more user friendly one today. (pictures added). I also added a free-spinning "AnchorHook.stl" for the far end so now all the parts are here for a complete setup :) share some pics if you make one!

thanks for the very quick response!

oh, you are right. i was talking about the "magicwand.stl". i dev. should have looked into the files before whining - my bad! :-)
so the uploaded file is already the new more-userfriendly one? or will there be an update soon?

i WILL post a make, if i'm successful

The v2 magicwand is the latest. It works much better than the original. There still might be room for improvement

as always... thanks, so i'll try it and report if i've got any suggestions for improvement.

due to my print bed, i have to scale the whole model / all parts down to ~90%.
to compensate the weak spots i'm going to use more perimeters, ~5-7 should be fine with 0.4mm nozzle.
do you think there will be structural issues?

The only thing I'd be worried about with scaling is gear teeth. If you scale down too far the gears might bind. Structually tho, 90% scale should be fine.

Nice looking machine... My interest is in making twisted pair cables. For that it would be nice to have a way to attach to a bench or table and a way to drive it with a drill. Thoughts for V2... ;)