Zip-tie // 2part bearing block - for LM8UU or Igus Drylin RJ4JP-01-08

by SabeLedger Sep 24, 2017
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Snap rings, are a standard in the industry . Tie wraps used like that, it is a joke.
Press fit, loctite ... are fine too.
Why don't you take some time to learn how bushings, bearings are mounted and used ?

can you please tell this to Josef Prusa, to not mount LM8UU with zip-ties? thank you...
and guess what... the bearings snap into that mount... at least I had to snap it in the last 2mm... so the tie is only to hold it in place... which is kind of the job description of a zip tie...

  • just because something is a standard in an industry does not has to mean, that everyone who works with it has to like it...
    ++ are you saying because there is a standard, people have to stop looking for other solutions??

+++ you obviously DID NOT see the 2nd design I made - which is without snap-rings AND without a zip tie...

but sure little snowflake, get triggered by one picture...

Your other solution is not good either. Just looks a bit better. To make it in two parts like this is simply stupid. You can reinvent the wheel, too bad as most here, you end up with a square one :)
Try to be smart, not just different.
Kids in trade school 50 years ago wouldn't have made the errors you make.
You may be an "artist", but not a mechanic and of course not a engineer.
In the industry, you would get fired, not just for your "designs" but your attitude. Reason for termination; "scared of snap rings" :)
Don't be fooled by the "likes", most people here are like you, no theory, no practice.

Note that the use of tie wraps give some flexibility that prevent binding as these machine are crappy.

Btw. did you tell Josef Prusa, that mounting LM8UU with zip ties is a joke too?
last time I checked, they make some of the best printers..... & the best in the sub $1k segment.

Good thing then, that those are no wheels :-)
So you say, I should be "smart" as you and bother other people - and telling them their designs are crap?
got ya.

Comments deleted.

Ahhh so you are the drylin & ziptie police... lol

Hey dimwit and the likes, here is a guy who understood how to install and adjust Drylin bearings ! The difference, he tried what he did and ANALYZED the problem (or he read and understood what I explained some time ago :) ).

Z Axis Holder for Igus Bearing

Z Axis holder?? ...hmmm somehow I have the feeling that this design will not work for an Y or X axis...
Mr ZipTie Police :)