Customizable Tool Organizer

by Empiricus Sep 24, 2017
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Hola. Que buen trabajo!!! Enhorabuena!!! Lo que no veo por ningun lado son las referencias de los componentes que has usado, como por ejemplo la placas led de iluminación para que encaje correctamente.
Muchas gracias y saludos compañero!!!

Thanks. You can find the components at adafruit.com


Great design and I am printing it now! Just one, maybe obvious question, how is the insert used? Do you glue it in somewhere? I don't see how it attaches.

Thanks for the great work!

It covers the channel in the bottom

I'm studing about your project Customizable Tool Organizer to print it and add the electronic part. I find the concept very interesting.
Regarding the electronics parts, would you have a wiring diagram to better understand how the different elements are interconnected?
Thanks for you work

Hey, love this design, printing it now. It's awesome even without electronics, but in case I want to add them, I had a few questions about the electronics.

Is the capacitive touch sensor exposed somehow? Or does it work through the printed part? Does regular PLA work for that, or are you using something more conductive, like carbon fill?

The mini USB connector you used, do you have a link for it? And any reason a micro USB wouldn't work? (I just have way more micro usb cables floating around than mini... :) )


The capacitive touch sensor works through the regular PLA. No exposed parts to clog up. Any USB connector will work. Just had that one around, removed from an old fried board. Adafruit has a few options there. Have fun

Really cool idea! Thanks for all the details on the print speed etc

Thanks for this amaizing idea, I'm building it and want to customize it (and share it too), can you releasd on step files please ? I can convert it but the quality is awful.