flex shaft extruder (worm gearbox)

by cdtsuipo Sep 25, 2017
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only goes in one direction? so there won't be any retraction?

just a misunderstanding.it can retract.but wrong winding direction will cause damage to the flex shaft. this design using left-hand winding flex shaft.

OK~ And what is the E-step to start with?

asuming you get steper driver working under 1/16 microstep,you should start with 3900 steps/mm.

Awesome design! How Does the print quality compare to a regular bowden system? Have before and after photos by any chance?

I tested TPU,working well.working like a direct driver extruder,overall the print quality is between bowden and DDE,but lighter than DDE.it's a nice choice for a delta printer which seek for the balance between printing speed and print quality ,especially the large delta . fine-tuned bowden system is more sophisticated than this one,but ,like i said, this kind of design( flex3d,zesty nimble ) is easier to use and maintain than bowden,more like a DDE. On this point ,once try,can't go back.

What flex shaft are you using?

The seller told me that it only goes in one direction, is it true? and is it normal that it just have the square end in one side?

Thank you so much :)

yep,the direction matters,and the flex shaft is designed for one direction loaded, in this application,the torque applied to the flex-shaft is small due to the reducer. when the extruder was push fliament , extruder need more torque, less torque is needed when it pull back. so ,this design using left-hand winding one.

Where do you source your flex shaft from? Is this the core from the dremel shaft?

I got this from online hardware store,but i think it is similar to the dremel shaft core

Where did you get the nylon worm gear?

you can redraw it under a gear wheel of giving of 10 mm and the bearing of supply of plastic of 14 mm

what year do you have solidworks?

solidworks 2016

Files in solidworks format

files in the solidworks format

you will send me files?

in the project files.

send me the source files. This whole model in Solidworks format.
Mail: max.bogush@mail.ru

in what did all of you draw? can you throw off initial files?

i design those models in the solidworks , and i will upload the source files soon or later.in fact ,i am not good at design ,this project means verifying concept more than finished product. so i would love some one could develop this project.

you can keep this part in the general project, all one scale

i am pretty sure this part was the same scale,i think could be the stl file problem,generally, it does not contain scale information ,you need tweak in the software when you open it.somehow ,it is just not working.i have no clue either...

I can throw this model in scale

try scale inches to millimeters

Can add this detail to the whole project and throw me to Bulo in the same scale

sorry , i can't get you ,what the "Bulo" is ?

and can throw links for parts

tell me how to attach these mechanisms?. wherewith. and another question, where are inserted the bearings?

sorry for the less introduction.the worm useing 6mm stainless tube for the shaft,you need some epoxy resin to glue it together , and the ball bearing was attach on the shaft ,so ,you need a 10mmX6mmX2 ball bearings . same as the worm,wormwheel need a 5mm tube for the shaft.for easy to printing ,i don't draw the bearing insert position,the bearing attach on the shell in the 10mm hole.so ,10mmX5mmX2 bearings are required. as the picture shown below , the red was bearings . and you need the shaft_keyway_con.stl

Сan you make a worm with a ratio of 1:10 or so?
More easy to print.

Thanks for ur comment.I suspect that lower ratio could affect the continuity of this extruder , you may need some stronger flex shaft . i can do this modification for you .but I'm not sure if this change works, good luck

Wow, I was hoping that there would be about 3-4 turns worm, and not 1.5, it seems I do not really understand worm gears.
In any case I will try different options, many thanks!

Thank you for reminding me about the turns of worm !at first , I didn't realize it , i just thought the biger tooth makes more easy to print. so i made this gear set , with 1:10 ratio , 30 tooth wheel, 3 turns worm. with 4mm flexshaft , i think it would work. have fun !

Really nice idea. I like worm extruders. Az it is one of idea what can i use for my worm extruder. Please find my worm extruder, name is wormsruder by Zsolt.

Thanks for ur comment . I saw ur design before , which looks cool and easy to print,nice design.