simple bearing block for igus rj4jp-01-08 a replacement for SCS8UU/LM8UU

by six101 Sep 26, 2017
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The aluminium H plate supplied with some A8 printers isn't flat. When it's stamped out it gets a slight curve front to back. This can cause binding issues for the Y-Axis bearings. I had to put two rods on the floor with the H on top and apply weight to carefully bend it flat. This made the bearings a lot easier to move.

I love these but I have one problem, since installing them my circles are no longer round! They seem to be causing pressure on the Igus bearings which makes the bed stiff to move, meaning the y-axis is slower at direction change than the x-axis (i.e greater motor force / belt tension is required to start a movement). I think it may be due to the tolerances of the PETG I printed them in, will try and print more slightly larger (maybe 102%) to see if that solves it..

I think it might be a alignment error. The igus bearings are pretty sensitive even to the smallest misalignment. I also had to realign my bearings 2 times until everything fitted. The bearings are a bit tricky.
Does a single bearing holder run cleanly and easily on the shaft?
Try to tighten the bearing holders with a little force from above. Always tighten the 2 bearings on one shaft together and always crosswise half a turn per screw.
You could also try to run in the bearings. Make a gcode where the y-axis moves 50-80mm/s about half an hour forward and backward. But keep an eye on the temperature of the y motor. If the axle drags, it could get quite warm.

Printer: Anet A8
I have not printed the part yet. In this design, there are often problems that the limit switch is not reached.
If alleding in this case should not be the problem, I will still print the part today

Drucker: Anet A8
Ich habe die Teil noch nicht gedruckt. Bei dieser Bauart gibt es wohl öfters Probleme, dass der Endschalter nicht erreicht wird.
Wenn das in diesem Fall alleding nicht das Problem sein sollte, werde ich die Teil heute noch drucken

With my A8 I have no problems neither with the original limit switch holder nor with the one I have in the meantime.
At the moment I have the Y-axis anti rattle in it: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2337884 The limit switch holder that is attached works perfectly for me.

Bei meinem A8 habe ich keine Probleme weder mit den original Endschalterhalter, noch mit dem den ich mittlerweile drin habe.
Zur Zeit habe ich noch den Y-axis anti rattle drin: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2337884 Der Endschalterhalter der da bei ist funktioniert bei mir perfekt.

Anet A8 Y-axis anti-rattle
by tsh2

How did you solve the problem with the limit switch from the Y-axis?

Wie habt ihr das Problem mit dem Endschalter von der Y- Achse gelöst?

A bit late here but may help others: I designed a replacement part for the Y-axis limit switch mount (Anet A8) that works with these bearing blocks.. stl attached.

Which problem with which printer? The outer dimensions of the base should correspond to the SCS8UUU.

Welches Problem bei welchem Drucker? Die Außenmaße der Basis sollten eigentlich der SCS8UU entsprechen.

How do you recommend attaching these to the carriage plate? long m4 screws that self tap into this plastic block? Could a slot be added for an m3 locknut? the pressure fit is spot on btw. this block looks really promising, printing them now!

Right, I use M4 screws that are screwed directly into the plastic. The screws don't have to be that long, my carriage plate is 2-3 mm and I use normal M4x8mm screws.
M3 nuts wouldn't fit, I would have to redesign the holder because of interference with the cable tie slot. If you can use m4 screws then use them. My screws are still holding tight after 4 months of almost daily use. If you really want to be sure, take a drop of loctite, but I don't think that's necessary. If you cannot use M4 screws, I can reduce the holes to fit M3 screws without nuts.

Hier hat jemand einen sehr guten Lagerhalter gezeichnet. Er läßt sich tadellos drucken und ist auch einwandfrei skalierbar für LMU10 und 12 mm Lager. Doch es hat einen Haken. Wie hat sich der Konstrukteur die Befestigung des ganzen Teiles am Untergrund vorgestellt? Kann er das nachliefern?
Vielen Dank und beste Grüße

Erstmal danke für die Blumen und für den ersten Kommentar.
Nun der Lagerhalter wird, wie fast alle anderen Halter auch, von hinten/unten durch ein Träger mit 4 M4 Schrauben gesichert. Die Löcher sind dabei so ausgelegt das man kein Gewinde in das Plastik schneiden muss, dies aber auch möglich ist. Zuerst hatte ich bedenken wegen der Haltbarkeit der Gewinde im Plastik aber ich habe die Lagerhalter jetzt über 3 Monate in Benutzung und sie halten immer noch bombenfest. Eventuell werde ich nochmal ein Paar Bilder der gedruckten Lager und deren Befestigung hochladen.

Like almost all other holders, the bearing holder is secured from the rear/bottom by a bracket with 4 M4 screws. The holes are designed in such a way that you don't have to cut a thread into the plastic but this is also possible. At first I was concerned about the durability of the threads in the plastic, but I have been using the bearings for more than 3 months now and they are still holding tight. Maybe I will upload some more pictures of the printed bearings and their mounting.

can you upload some pics of how you have secured it?
I'm not sure if it's better to screw from upside or from the downside, but I just printed two of them and they're holding perfectly my newly arrived igus, so I want to replace my stock with these ones.. Can you provide some pics of the final work?

I uploaded a picture and hope it becomes clearer. And now I also see that maybe I should dust my printer more often xD
I screwed the bolts from below through a carrier plate into the plastic. Maybe I'll take some more pictures tomorrow if something is not clear.
Have fun with the IGUS, with me they have brought an enormous improvement of the noise level but also needed a lot of adjustment time.

Danke für die rasche Antwort ! Ja an diese Möglichkeit habe ich nicht gedacht, deshalb habe ich eine andere Lösung gesucht und gefunden. Den Lochansatz an der Vorderseite habe ich mit der Handfräse ein wenig ausgefräst und dann normale M3 Schrauben mit Zylinderkopf verwendet. Von hinten, unten, wie immer, habe ich keinen Platz, deshalb diese Lösung. Ich habe die Teile so scaliert, daß 10 mm Lager hineinpassen. Sowohl LM10UU als auch die Gleitlager von IGUS kann ich so verwenden.

Thanks for the quick reply ! Yes, I have not thought about this possibility, so I have searched and found another solution. The hole at the front I have a little milled with the manual milling and then normal M3 screws with cylinder head used. From behind, below, as always, I have no room, so this solution. I scaled the parts so that 10 mm bearings fit in. Both LM10UU and the bearings of IGUS I can use so.