Experimental Extruder Jig

by MakerBot Oct 17, 2017
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Great job, no more burning fingertips lol ;)

I would love to know more about this extruder.
I have started a facebook forum for Z18 (and any Makerbots) please join and share information, it is difficult finding anything about them.

I'm excited to see this update! I just got my Experimental Extruder in yesterday. After printing the jig I hope someone will make a remix with a spot to include the wrenches! The nozzle holders could be further away from the extruder too. The neodymium magnets of the extruder keep causing the stainless steel nozzle to leap out of it's spot and and get stuck to the unit. Either way, should be a fun next step as a long time Makerbot user.

Here's one with the requested slot:

Experimental Extruder Jig with Wrench Slot

Would love to see some printing details (i.e. infill percentage, etc).

Its good to see MakerBot getting involved in the community again. Thanks for posting.

Hey jamesstaylor,

The jig can function well with standard settings but some people have found that they prefer a bit more infill to give the jig some weight, ~30% infill gives a nice heft. The jig is also a great candidate for draft printing to speed up the print time. Thor3d's ,printmode profile in the Print Modes forum should work great!

A great step in the right direction to help Makerbot stay relevant in the 3D printer market.
Experimentation is key to innovation, therefore I hope that further upgrades for Makerbot products will be coming from Makerbot directly.

A few questions:
Will the improvements made in the "E" extruder be integrated into the next gen of the standard Smart extruder?
Does the new extruder permit printing filaments like Ninjaflex?
Will a heated bed upgrade be developed as an add-on for the replicator Gen 5 and new replicator +?
Will the slicer be improved to provide a visual simulation that checks for errors and identifies areas to modify for better
print results?

Hey 3DExplortek2,

The hardware changes in the Experimental Extruder facilitate the swapping of nozzles and experimentation, while the Smart Extruder+ is designed for a more reliable printing experience.
Some users have had success printing with NinjaFlex using the extruder. Check out NinjaTek's post in the Print Modes forum!
We're always evaluating the improvements that can be made to our slicer or hardware products. We hope to have new offerings and news in MB Labs soon!

Tell us More about the experimental extruder!

Will there be a Replicator + version of the 2X? How about an SLA resin printer from Makerbot?

WOW... you guys are still alive, good to know.

Please out with the new fantastic models, MakerBot has been starving the community..

We are hoping you guys give us something crazy for Halloween.

Love your stuff, hope to see more, Thanks