Red Alert Tesla Coil Lamp

by chrisn889 Sep 28, 2017
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In the middle of printing this one, but with a lot of questions on how to manage to put the light on the top sphere, (printed with 20 % before noticing the advise to print with no in fill, Duh) now considering to print it on vase mode... but why do you have that hole closed ?

I think you should start making the real deal. This one you could easily power with a magnet, some copper wire, and a 12v DC lightbulp.

Try go youtube and search for "inventor of free energy killed" - Everyone who "reinvent" free energy either sell the patent for millions or billions or drop dead. Scary shit. But some powerful people have had enough and have a bulletproof plan to get it into the hands of us all in the future.

Wow! This is very nice! Thank you!

Man, I'm having a hard time printing the silver frame. The pipes keep snapping off. What's the secret? I've tried right side up and upside down orientations with no luck.

This is great! But...are you able to upload the center black core piece as two pieces in different .stl files instead of together as one? I need to print them separately with the tall skinny piece using a brim for support so it does not tip over!

Done! ;-) hope this helps

Thanks! I was able to make it work the way it was originally uploaded by printing a large enough brim so that the brims of each part combined - the brim from the larger piece connected to that of the smaller one and together they were able to support the tall skinny part without a problem. But, it will be nicer for the future to have the pieces separate!

this is friggin awesome!

Any plans to do a two part middle tower for shorter 3D printers?

I can make it in two parts. Not a problem. Should be ready to download this weekend.

thanks a lot...Ra2 rulessss.

im guessing you used a led bulb for this any chance for links for what you used to wire it and bulb ect?

I didn't use any website. Just used what i had at home in rubbish. Its strong smd led from car sidelight buld. I will add some photos later

probably starting on this tonight!!!

Been looking forward to this one! Thanks for uploading it!